Social Media Threatens News Market

For a fair amount of time now, people have been finding news pieces infiltrating their Digital Marketing San Diego feeds. At first, people were a bit hesitant to recognize and appreciate this form of news delivery, but it didn’t take long for those same nay-sayers to start sharing, commenting on, and liking the news pieces that hit close to home. Sharing the news is one thing, but social media users are also starting to report it, as they capture it, on smart devices. Everything from plane crashes to birth announcements are shared via smartphone nowadays.

What does that mean for the company trying to improve Digital Marketing San Diego? While people continue to watch the news on television and they do read newspapers, they don’t have to wait for the reporters to formulate the stories any longer. They can get those feeds in instant time on social networks like Twitter. The fact that there are so many people wanting to participate in the sharing of news is a good thing for modern companies. Those who can make use of this fact will very likely see a major improvement in brand recognition, and will have much more successful product launches.

How can you make use of this news phenomenon? Be active.

Share, Comment, Like The first rule of social media is to be engaging. While sharing industry-related news is wonderful, you don’t have to box yourself in so tightly. In fact, being an active participant in the sharing and analyzing of big stories will build a sense of trust with followers. So, find the stories that are pertinent – not just to your company, but also to your personal life – and actively participate in building the body of online news. Remember, people will often search for topics related to popular news. If you are actively participating in the conversation, your brand will be seen by many of those searchers.

Be a Newscaster Don’t just react to the news that has already been released, create your own. As a local business, you might consider posting about community events as you witness them, but consider the newsworthy things happening within your business as well. Present these as news, as opposed to advertising ploys, and you will likely find increased activity on your posts.

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