Using Geolocation to your Advantage

Everything is global now, from information to services to political movements to the next great product. As your online marketing needs grow, it is critical to keep in mind how to use geolocation as part of your marketing strategies. Failure to do so can cripple your efforts. Here is how to take advantage of this important feature in your next campaign. Pick a venue and then think about location of your audience. A rock concert, for example, will have a very specific draw, where as a home goods expo will pull from yet a different crowd. Do the research about your demographic and plan accordingly. Think about everything from the income level to the schedules of the people in this area.

Think small. If you are advertising a local business’ services, how far will their reach really go? What is within a one mile radius of the store? If you expanded your advertising out another mile, would you capture that important office development that could bring in a whole lot of repeat customers?

Remember, it isn’t just about where the customer might be located. Geolocation can be about where the bricks and mortar location is as well. Looking at where a company has the highest concentration of stores can help determine where to target those critical emails or promotions. Sending out a big blast to a region that doesn’t have a lot of supporting stores on the ground is a waste of energy.

Don’t forget about mobile use, either! As that data becomes more advanced, mobile generated data will be the primary way that marketing resources gather data for the next campaign, so get in on the trend now.

Ultimately, geolocation is about familiarity with your audience. Thinking small, such as the corner store down the street, or large, such as the next big open air three day music festival, still requires the same basic thinking about your audience. Who is more likely to come to this event – do they live in this area, what disposable income do they typically have, and what kind of advertising language might be catchy? Geolocation can help you categorize all these issues for better online marketing success.

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