PPC Testing: What You Need to Know Now

Testing and measuring your ad copy and design is critical to establishing whether the ad will do what it is designed to do or whether, like so many thousands of others generated every day online, it will flop, costing you money, time and valuable market share. In order to make sure your PPC testing is up to par, think of the following as your guide to success. Have a plan. It sounds simple, but so much time and energy is wasted into testing everything without really establishing what needs tested in the first place! Each project will have its own testing goal; once established, then you can establish your criteria for evaluation, your testing mechanism and analyze the results of the test. Without a plan, you will simply generate a lot of (mostly useless) data. Move on from negative testing and take what you can. You had to have learned at least something from the data. Take that and move on.

Don’t be too flashy. Boring really is better most times. Flashier elements don’t really capture whether your basics are working well for you. How are your headlines? Is the call to action easy to find? Is it effective? Too many options (newsletters, multiple social media sites, downloads) distract a reader from what you are ultimately trying to do, which is make a sale! Don’t make your own services too difficult to find, so test whether that is the case.

What works for others might not work for you. Don’t fall into the trap of doing things just because some other company (usually a competitor or one with a larger market share) did it that way. This can generate a lot of ideas, but tell you very little about whether that test is the right test for you.

Use common sense and get to know your own customer and product. Don’t let someone else generate a plan for your testing. Instead, be very clear about what data you want to collect – and don’t let the flash overwhelm your primary objectives!

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