How, When and Where to Start Automation

A few times recently, while scrolling through social feeds, we have come across some rather hilarious automation mishaps.  It’s not hard to hit ‘AM’ instead of ‘PM’ or to click on the wrong account.  Those mistakes can lead to poorly timed, misplaced-, or inappropriate posts turning up when least expected. Though the results can be humorous to onlookers, they can be rather devastating to the company using the automation service. To avoid mistakes like this, be sure that you are approaching automation in the right manner.

It Shouldn’t Be Your Whole Campaign If you are automating every post, every week, then chances are you are doing very little to grow your social presence, and building very little in the way of customer loyalty.  You must be social in order to be successful with social media, and that means signing in and being there, in the moment, to converse on hot topics.  Automation has a place in your campaign, but it shouldn’t be the only component.

Use Automation when Posts are Time Sensitive This tip comes with a warning.  Be sure that you are very careful when setting the time and date for the posting.  This is where costly mistakes are made.  That being said, automation can be a big time saver when used for business posting.  Having a sale on a certain date?  Commenting on an upcoming event?  These sorts of posts can be scheduled ahead of time, so you don’t have to be tied to your computer and your social feed at a particular time of the day.

Integrate Interaction into Your Automated Posts Just because you are scheduling the posts ahead of time, doesn’t mean that they should be dry or boring.  Be sure that you mix it up and use these posts to get others talking.  Questions, surveys, entertaining videos, and other such content can easily be scheduled, but that doesn’t mean that it loses its appeal.

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