Before You Hire a New Marketing Team

Hiring a new Internet Marketing San Diego team? You’re not alone. In a world where squeezing every last drop out of the budget is a must, ensuring you get the results you were promised in that initial ad is key to your success, and sometimes that means hiring a new Internet Marketing San Diego team. Before you do, though, you may want to visit with them about these points.

  • How often will I see reporting from you? This is essential. Some teams offer daily reports, some offer weekly reports, and some offer monthly reports. The latter is the most common, as many online marketing efforts can take time. Despite that, you should at least ensure you’re seeing a coherent monthly report that encompasses all of your key metrics so that you can actually visualize any growth taking place.
  • Do you understand my goals? You can’t simply hire an online marketing company and say “Get Busy!” then expect to see results. You need to have a budget in place, a cost per lead or a return number in mind, and some measure of volume estimate to ensure you’re getting the results you want. Communicate those goals from day one.
  • What is your onboarding process? Believe it or not, things can go wrong from the very beginning. On day one, the most important thing your online marketing company can do is start a conversation with you. They should be asking questions, learning from your team, understanding the points that define your business. If all you hear is crickets chirping, it’s time to find a more valuable team.
  • What tools are you using? The best marketing teams use paid tools that are a valuable service to their customers. You want to hear names like KISSmetrics, Omniture, Clicky, SERPS, Moz, Rank Tracker, Authoritylabs, Arefs, Majestic, and others. Moreover, they should be able to tell you why they’ve chosen particular tools over others to tackle the tough days ahead.

Internet Marketing San Diego is a different process in every agency, but ensuring you have the right fit from the outset is a must. To learn more about our process, contact us today.

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