Recruiting Great Talent: The Current Trends

Finding talent in today’s society can be a challenge.  While the internet and other such technologies have certainly made it easier to advertise openings, this broadened pool can also mean that you are swamped with countless resumes that you must review before you even begin the real assessments.  Today, though, companies are getting smarter and more efficient with the way that they hire, using those same technologies to narrow the field. Assessing the Internal Talent Many companies prefer to promote from within, so this internal search is the beginning of the process.  Even in these earliest phases, you can use technology to make the hiring process easier.  With data collection you can analyze many aspects of employee performance to determine who most deserves the job, and who holds the best promise for doing it well.  Companies, today, are looking at calls made, e-mail traffic, break times, customer survey feedback, and other such metrics to determine productivity and consumer interaction.  Not only does this provide insight on the current staff, but it can also help you set benchmarks by which to judge external applicants.

Looking for Web-Based Clues Algorithms are also very useful tools today.  Programming provides people a less biased approach to candidate evaluation.  It also cuts down the resume-review time, because algorithms can be used to weed out less appealing candidates with very little effort on the part of the person hiring.  For many years it was the digitally-based test that provided this sort of insight, but now companies are looking much further, evaluating the information that has already been made public about the candidate.  This can include voluntarily produced information, such as social posts, but may also involve a close analysis of the interaction of friends and family members.  There is certainly a lot to be learned online.

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