Improve Your Content to Boost Your Twitter Presence

With only one hundred forty characters to get your point across, it might not seem as though you need a great deal of content to move forward with a Twitter campaign.  However, consider the loyal fan, who has worked with you, bought your product, or enjoyed something you have accomplished.  Now, imagine that person going to your Twitter account with the intention of sharing something of yours, to build a relationship and to help your cause.  What is that person going to share? Great content is needed, because you need something to post about that is relevant to your company, to your industry.  People are not going to follow you, if you have no content, because you aren’t offering anything of value.  And, that means that you aren’t getting any help building your brand.  You have to give them something to retweet and otherwise share, or your profile is essentially worthless.

So, what is content?  What can you create that others will value?  Where do you post it?

The good news is that you have a lot of options when it comes to content creation.  There are many different definitions of the term, but, for most there are a few generally accepted rules for crafting great content:

  1. Content Should Have Imagery In very few cases is it enough to post content that is text only. If you want it to stand out on Twitter and other social platforms, it needs to have imagery.  The feeds are simply too busy today for people to be drawn in by text alone.  Give your content an extra edge by including high quality imagery.
  2. Content Should Be Readable There is nothing worse than finding an article that you really want to read and not being able to see it. Font colors that are too similar to the background color, or a design that is not mobile-friendly can ruin the experience.  Even the greatest content will be ineffective when this is the case.
  3. Content Should Be Easy to Share Be sure that your content is easily shared. When posting to twitter, don’t use all 140 characters, so that others can easily RT without going over the allotted character count.  Also, include share buttons on your content page.
  4. Content Should Be Interesting, Informative, and more than Self-Promotion Most importantly, content should be valuable to the reader. Avoid writing pure self-promotion, and create pieces that offer something worthwhile to those who read and share.

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