Social Media Stats: What Did You Do in the Last Sixty Seconds?

If you think that social media will become a dead marketing form (which is something that we have heard from the naysayers), think again.  Carlsbad Online Marketing will always be relevant. Consider these stats, which we have seen circulating the Twitter feeds throughout the day. Each and every minute:

Pinterest is alive with activity.  Pins are liked, repined, and new ones are created.  In fact, all together, there are nearly 3,500 images pinned every sixty seconds.  That’s approximately 60 posts per second.  How many of those images relate to your brand?

Twitter Of course, this being a favorite platform, and one that is a high-paced feed, Twitter sees even more action.  On average there are more than a quarter of a million posts per minute.  While that may be a very intimidating figure, you can still make a splash on Twitter, by approaching your intended audience in the right manner.  It’s clear that people are actively viewing this platform.

Facebook This social media avenue holds a great deal of promise.  People aren’t just creating their own new content and posts, they are willingly sharing.  Every sixty seconds, more than two million shares are completed.  That’s existing content that users liked enough to share with friends and family.  What will they make of your content?

Instagram Though many still consider it to be a relatively new social platform, Instagram has continued to gain steam over the past several years.  According to recent reports, the social platform sees as many as 200,000 new photo posts every minute.  We love Instagram, because it is a wonderful platform for those willing to create the user-generated content that will boost your brand image.

It’s not just social media either.  More than 60 thousand hours’ worth of music is played, each minute, by Pandora listeners, more than two hundred million emails are sent, and people search more than four million keywords on Google.  The Web is humming with activity and you have no excuse not to start taking advantage of these facts and figures for your own advantage.

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