Social Media vs. Social Media Marketing

There is a difference, and if you haven’t recognized that fact yet, you are likely finding that your brand is struggling online with Internet Marketing San Diego. There seems to be a new movement among small businesses and startups to hire the youngest generation to build their online presence with Internet Marketing San Diego.  Makes sense, right?  This is the generation that grew up with the internet.  They’ve known social media, inside and out, for as long as they can remember.  They have hundreds of friends, thousands of followers, and are fluent in hashtag.  But, it takes more than social media knowledge to be great at Internet Marketing San Diego.

Kids are amazing on computers.  There is no doubt of that fact.  They are perfectly comfortable searching the web, while watching a YouTube video, chatting with friends, and updating a social feed.  Chances are they can do it all at once.  However, that talent doesn’t always translate into an ability to manage a company presence online.  With the youthful understanding of technology often comes a youthful approach to communication, and that isn’t always the voice you want for a professional organization.

So, what do you do when you realize that your kids understand social media better than you ever will?  How do you contend with the uncertainties of the social network realm?  You essentially have two options.

#1. Learn Ask your kid (or a kid) for advice, but don’t hand over the reins.  There is nothing wrong with asking questions about the particular ins and outs.  What does that hashtag mean?  How did you get all of those followers?  How do I post a picture to that network?  Even beginners can build a followership online, but it does take time, effort, and willingness to ask questions (no matter how stupid they may seem).

#2. Get Help Not from the teenager living down the hall, but from trustworthy, experienced, social marketers, you can get help.  Whether you need assistance setting up various accounts, you need to improve your website SEO, or you need someone capable of writing and posting regular content, there is help to be had.  It will cost you, of course, but consider how much time it would take for you to learn the ins and outs of the various platforms, and what you could do with that time otherwise.  How much is your time worth?

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