Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Content Creation

Content is important.  This is not a new concept.  It provides a bit of bulk and usefulness for your website.  But, more crucially, it gives you something to share with your social networks, and a reason to link back to your own site. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to recognize the importance of content, despite the many headlines alerting them to the fact.  Perhaps it is better to say that they realize the value of great content, but find that it is a source of stress they are not ready to take on.

Content does take time.  It’s true, but it doesn’t have to be the giant burden that some would make it out to be.  There are a few ways that you can ease the strain, if you find that content creation is becoming too time consuming.

Make the Most of Your Existing Content If you already have a website full of content, then you may be able to make more of an impact with that than you have thus far.  Evergreen content is that which is relevant at any time.  In other words, it does not discuss current events, it does not reference time-sensitive dates or statistics.  Evergreen content is very valuable.  The FAQs, the how-tos, and the industry-related stories that you have already written can be reused.  Often by slightly altering the wording of the title, or by including more imagery, you can create something that speaks to a different niche.  Or, you can simply reshare something that hasn’t been referenced in a while.

Curate and Comment If you don’t have time or lack the inspiration to write something entirely new and unique, consider the stories that you have read, which have interested you.  Of course, you don’t want to drive your potential consumers to competitors, but industry-related stories by neutral parties can be great additions to your website.  You can share via RSS feeds, or, better yet, you can write a quick synopsis of the article and your own commentary on it.  Link to the original article and give credit where it is due.

Get Help This assistance with your content could come from fellow co-workers, could be customer generated, or could be written by a hired freelance professional.  Asking consumers to write reviews, to share their photos of your product is wonderful, for instance. Many companies have recognized the value of this.  People like to share.  That is why social media has been so tremendously successful.  So, ask them to share and then use that content.

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