E-Mail and Social Media: A Marriage You Don’t Want to Break Up

If you aren’t combining your efforts on Digital Marketing Carlsbad with those employed for email marketing, you are likely missing out on great growth opportunity.  There are a few reasons why you should ensure that the marriage between email and social media stays strong: More Customer Data The more you know about a customer, the better you can serve that person.  When customers willingly share this information, it makes the task much easier.  Social media accounts are often loaded with personal information about the user, and email addresses mean a direct means of individualized communication.  So, both have distinct value.   Combining your efforts on each means gaining the best of both worlds.  Add social media connect buttons to emails for those already on your mailing list.  Add an email subscription option to your social media accounts so fans and followers can quickly link in that way as well.

Different Methods of Information Delivery Social users are looking to absorb a lot of information very quickly.  That means that you have direct contact with your niche market, often for little or no monetary investment, but you have to tailor your message to ensure that it can be absorbed instantly.  Email allows for longer, more in depth messages, because people are generally more willing to spend time reading when the information is presented in an email format.  However, they aren’t as likely to share that content as they would be when it was found on social media.

Distinct Advantages for EachThe differences extend even further, providing good reason for reaching potential customers in both manners.  Email is a very direct route.  Because you are sending it out to the individual instead of posting it for all of your followers, an email can contain very personalized messages that are more likely to entice the person to take a closer look at your products and services.  On the other hand, social media platforms allow for widespread sharing, so your message is seen by more people in a share-friendly platform, and one that encourages spur of the moment decision making, which can result in impulse buying.

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