Top 10 Digital Marketing Results for California Manufacturing Companies

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It’s tough to make it to number one these days. There are many different methods out there to make it with Digital Marketing, but these ten manufacturing marketing and advertising departments are clearly doing something right, because they’ve made it to the top of the charts with Digital Marketing. Take a quick look at the list now:

  1. TechShop
  2. Cali Bamboo
  3. Deco Lighting
  4. Proterra
  5. Flexible Assembly Systems
  6. D & K Engineering
  7. Noribachi
  8. Ecosense Lighting
  9. Optimum Design Associates
  10. Royal Truck Body


Wondering how they did it with Digital Marketing? There are actually a number of pieces to this puzzle. The key, though, is that they chose the right pieces to focus on, and the biggest one of those is online presence. If you’re not seeing visitors to your site, if you’re not out there in the world of social media every day, if you’re not working to impact how people see your brand and find your story online, you’re not actually working to improve your online presence. Instead, you’re just online.

Making it to the top of the list with Digital Marketing is never going to be easy, but one quick look at the web presence of these ten companies is certain to show you that it’s possible. Take a moment to look at our methodology on how we ranked these companies and what we love about them now.

Finding the top ten manufacturing companies online in California hasn’t been easy, but it was an interesting search for us. Wondering how we came up with those ten? Here’s our methodology behind the rankings for Digital Marketing strategy. It Starts With Social Media

While the number of social media followers you have isn’t always a good predictor of engagement with each one of those, it does make for a quick, easy way to compare those agencies. Yes, we’re aware of the fact that there are programs out there that actually let you purchase followers, but for the most part, manufacturing companies aren’t the biggest purchasers of followers. Social media presence is a great predictor of how much time and effort a company is willing to place into their overall online marketing efforts, so that’s why we started there. We took the three major social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – then looked at the total number of followers per company.

Moving on to Traffic

The second really good indicator of how well a company’s online presence is doing is the level of traffic they’re seeing on a day to day basis, so we wanted to include that in our rankings as well. We utilized the Alexa ranking to look at traffic numbers. Alexa rakings have smaller scores as better scores, so we took that into account.

What We Love

1. TechShop: This company has far more Facebook friends than anyone else on the list, coming in at 12,253. That might be because all of their customers are tech inclined anyway, but their social media following is absolutely huge. They have gorgeous content on site, and they’re constantly making great posts to their social media accounts that include video, links, and more.

2. Cali Bamboo: Going green is certainly taking off, and the fact that this is number two on the list demonstrates that well. This site not only allows customers to shop online, but also gives them a rundown of the benefits of bamboo flooring as well. With how to videos, a helpful blog, plenty of before and after pictures, and lots of interaction from their followers on social media, this one couldn’t help but make the list.

3. DECO Lighting: Another green company is doing it right online! A green lighting technology manufacturer, DECO Lighting offers innovative LED lighting solutions, and their entire online presence is devoted to helping you understand what they have to offer and the story behind it. It’s well worth a look.

4. Proterra: This company has taken the idea of riding the bus one step further with their electric busses, and we love the fact that they’ve included so many videos on their site. They offer great content and rich social media posts that could be a template for almost any company out there today.

5. Flexible Assembly Systems: This site doesn’t have quite the amount of content others do online, but much of their space is devoted to their ecommerce interface, and their product descriptions are nothing short of stunning. They also make it easy to share their social media presence, and they recently hit 5000 likes, so they’re certainly doing something right.

6. D & K Engineering: The layout of this site is nothing short of incredible, and they go to lengths to ensure those markets in which they specialize get the content they need. With great testimonials, a robust portfolio, and lots of shout-outs to their clients online (including plenty of interactive ones like video posts), this is one site that deserves to be on this list.

7. Noribachi: A quick search for this company’s name gets you their site first and their Wikipedia entry second, so you know they’re doing something right. The site itself offers a great look at what they can do, who they’ve worked with, and a blog that focuses almost solely on the kinds of products they have to offer. Their online presence features many of those solutions, as well as a number of shoutouts to their staffers.

8. Ecosense Lighting: This is one seriously busy company, but it’s easy to connect with them at one of the helpful tradeshow appearances they happen to list on the front page of their site, and that’s no accident. They want to show off their award-winning products, and both the site and their social media presence does a good job of that. Like so many of these companies, they offer helpful videos, but they’ve taken things one step further and placed downloadable product guides on their site.

9. Optimum Design Associates: Not only does this site have one of the best Digital Marketing blogs we’ve seen, but they also have an entire portal devoted to resources for their products. there are some fantastic videos, articles, and more, and they all seem very willing to share this on their social media feeds. This is one company story you’re going to get with a quick look at their site.

10. Royal Truck Body: This site is almost simple compared to some of the others we considered, but it does the job well. It offers plenty of content, and they’ve worked to build out a very interactive social media presence. It’s one we would never overlook on this set of rankings.

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