Carving Your Niche with Social Marketing

Services like Facebook Ads have certainly made it easier to reach a very specific, targeted audience.  And while that alone can help cut down on your Internet Marketing Carlsbad budget, there is much that you can do to reach out directly to your niche. Once you have defined that audience, then the best way to reach them is to find the niche platforms that will most directly appeal to those consumers with Internet Marketing Carlsbad.

Get Your Business on Niche Sites Much like a company would seek out industry-specific magazines and catalogues where ads might be placed, your product or service is best promoted on pages dedicated to your market.  Some websites will allow you to list your business as a potential provider for the users.  Others can be accessed via bloggers.  Reach out to those who write on topics related to your industry.  If you can’t get that sort of direct access, then consider commenting on posted content.

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Create Accounts on Niche Social Platforms Social media is a powerful business tool these days, and while we certainly recommend having active Twitter and Facebook accounts for your business, those platforms are notoriously noisy, which means you can easily be lost in the feeds.  Smaller niche-platforms don’t have the same sizeable audiences, but you can be assured that the audience is interested in your industry.  For example, ActiveRain is a platform specifically geared toward those involved in the real estate markets. Avvo is dedicated to the legal community.  Deviant Art and Fine Art America cater to artists and art investors.  Seek a platform that speaks to you and your consumers by searching your industry and the term ‘social network’.


Contribute to Niche Forums LinkedIn has really done the forum thing well, but there are other platforms that offer the same.  Join the groups and post to the forums that are most likely to appeal to your niche with Internet Marketing Carlsbad.

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