Six Ways to Maintain a Genuine Reputation Online

Being trustworthy, approachable, and genuine will win you far more fans than a reputation for giving false praise. Just as in the real world, there are certain actions that can give others the impression that you are lying or being less than sincere.  To ensure that you maintain that pristine reputation so that you can continue to build valuable connections and relationships via social media, avoid the following.

#1. Inconsistent Points of View If you want others to believe that you are genuine online, then you must maintain a level of consistency.  Much like the public does with political candidates, they will catch on if you are making contradicting statements on various platforms or over the course of several days.  Remember, what is posted online can always be discovered again.  People can read through your feed to see what you have posted in the past, and it is easy enough for them to find your profiles on other platforms as well.  While you may be speaking to different audiences on different platforms, you must maintain the same viewpoints on controversial topics, or you will be seen as wishy washy or, worse, insincere.

The easiest way to avoid accidentally posting inconsistent viewpoints is to be true to your own perspective, always.

#2. Overly Slow Response Times

It is widely known that companies and individuals use software and services to post to social media platforms, so they can schedule certain posts for certain times of the day, or simply to increase the volume of posts throughout the day.  This is a widely accepted practice.  However, you must be able to back this up with your actual, live presence periodically throughout the day, otherwise you might miss the chance to engage with potential consumers.  Worse yet, it could appear to those trying to reach you that your profile is a fraud or a front.  With phone alerts and email alerts, you don’t even have to sign in to see how people are responding to your content on social media.  You won’t miss those precious opportunities, and will maintain your reputation for being genuine.

#3. Accusations and Arguments

There will, undoubtedly, be moments in time when you will be angered by the comments, questions, or concerns publicly vented.  It is essential that you get control of your anger before responding.  You cannot claim that you care for your consumers, that your company values excellent customer service, if you are posting accusations or arguing with one of those individuals online, for all to see.  Be careful, kind, and understanding in your responses.  Direct negative attention to a private platform, and continue to uphold your sincere appreciation for your consumers.

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