5 Reasons Why the Avengers Voting Campaign is Great Marketing

And How You Can Mimic It for Your Own Brand

A large number of the actors and actresses that played the Avengers characters in the much beloved series of movies have gotten together to spread the message of the importance of voting.  Whether you stand in favor of their political opinions, or against them, there is much that we can learn from the campaign.

So, ignore the political statement and look at this video purely from a business standpoint, because there are several reasons why this video was such a massive success as soon as it was released, and the vast majority of them have nothing to do with politics.

Focuses on Target Market The minds that created this knew exactly who they were talking to.  They were seeking the young voters.  The same young men and women who would be in the audiences at films featuring Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Widow.  They created a video that spoke clearly, quickly, and pointedly to an audience that is often in a rush, but might just take the time to listen the clearly spoken message of their idols.

Uses Celebrity Power Speaking of idols.  This marketing campaign is chock full of big names.  So, full of them, in fact, that they make fun of the sheer number in the video.  Celebrity does sell.  If you want your product to be seen and shared, one of the quickest ways to ensure that it is would be to hire in a famous actor or actress to be your spokesperson.  Even before a person recognizes the brand, he or she will share for the simple fact that the message is relayed by an idol.

Comedy Sells There was more than a touch of humor showcased in the video, and that just adds to the likelihood that the intended audience will both enjoy- and share it.  Emotion evoking pieces are the most frequently shared.  We’ve written about that in the past.  While the campaigns that tugged on the heartstrings were once considered top notch, these days, audiences are seeking content that is lighter hearted.  The message might be heavy and poignant here, but they have relayed it in a playful, humorous way.

Repeated, Clear Message They did not take a chance that someone would overlook the message of this campaign.  How did they ensure this?  They repeated the message clearly, concisely, and repeatedly.  You need, when creating a new marketing campaign, to have a very pointed call to action.  Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do, so there is never any question.

Popular Media Finally, one more thing that made this a very effective and quickly viral campaign is the fact that it employed one of themost popular forms of media at the moment – digital video.  Video – both pre-taped and live events – is proving to be a favored form of content this days, and it could be a big part of the reason that this campaign was shared, liked, and watched thousands of times in the first couple of hours after its release.  Photos can be effective, but don’t be afraid to explore the alternatives because it can pay off.

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