Does Your Business Still Not Have a Website?

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Thanks to nationwide surveys and related research, it was recently discovered that there are still an alarming number of businesses operating without websites.  This, of course, is not a recommended course of action.  In this day and age, there are simply too many buyers seeking out information about the brand, reviews, and product descriptions.  If there is no company website, then you have no control over what that buyer will learn upon searching your brand name.  There are several excuses that businesses use when defending their lack of websites:

  1. Too costly
  2. Don’t understand “the whole SEO thing” anyway
  3. Lack of time for creating and maintaining it

These are typically the top three excuses used.  The first is no longer relevant.  There are so many services on the web that make it quick and easy for even the least experienced individuals to build a website.  Will it be as fancy as something designed by leading website creators?  No.  But, as a general rule, a website is better than NO website.  (Just be sure to have proofread it.  Typos on the website can kill brand reputation.)

The second excuse is understandable, to a degree, but isn’t a reason to avoid creating a website.  There are people familiar with SEO techniques willing to lend a helping hand, and there are thousands upon thousands of articles that can help you gain a better understanding of the topic.  Lack of time is also a weak excuse.

As stated above, there are services that provide drag and drop templates and design elements, so you can build an entire website in a few hours.  Maintaining it can be more time consuming, but you can also control exactly what elements of the site must be updated, and how frequently.

Realizing that having a website is important these days, here are a few things that you should absolutely include when you build yours:

  1. Description of the company. People really do read the “About Us” pages.
  2. An easy-to-remember web address. Fork over the small sum to get the ‘.com’. Ultimately, it will make it easier for others to remember, and will give you a far more professional appearance in the eyes of the buyers.
  3. Contact information! Make it easy to locate or include it at the bottom of every page.  You want to be as accessible as possible to potential customers and clients.
  4. Remember, consumers are more educated buyers today. They will read reviews, wanting to know what others think of the product or service before investing themselves.
  5. Whether its photos or video, you should have some media elements that make the website more eye-catching.  This will help to ensure that visitors stay long enough to learn more about your brand.  It will also increase the likelihood that they remember your brand when they are ready to buy.

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