Why McDonald’s ‘Where Coke Tastes SO Good’ Campaign was Genius

If you haven’t seen the advertisement referenced in the title of this article, then head on over to YouTube and check it out. It is certainly worth a watch and, in the words of Mindy Kaling, “Don’t worry, we’ll wait.”

  1. It Didn’t Cost a Fortune For a company as large as McDonald’s, one can assume the marketing budget is quite vast, but they proved quite effectively that you don’t have to spend the big bucks to hit a home run with media marketing. Aside from the sum paid to Mindy Kaling for her speaking role, the advertisement does appear to be a rather low budget production.
  2. Celebrity Kaling has a significant following of her own – 2.7 million on Instagram, 9.3 million on Twitter, to be more specific. The use of celebrities in advertising still sells, and McDonald’s did this exceptionally well, allowing Mindy to be the focus of the video.
  3. Brand Cooperation There are times when advertising for another organization or company can positively impact your own. If you want to prove, just ask McDonald’s how much traffic their site saw as a result of this advertisement that mentions only the Coca Cola brand.
  4. It Offers a Bit of Mystery At no point does Kaling actually say the name of the fast food giant. Instead she instructs the audience to look up “the place where Coke tastes SO good”.  You can be sure that a large percentage of those who have watched the advertisement were intrigued enough to perform the search.
  5. Organic Traffic The search, at least initially, led people directly to the McDonald’s website. Organic traffic is always the best traffic.
  6. Call to Action They were abundantly clear with their message – ‘just search it’. Kaling even creates a pause to allow a person enough time to search the suggested words.  If you want someone to do something, after all, you have to say so.

What should you learn from all of this?  You can garner traffic for your own site with a little creative thinking.  You don’t have to hire Mindy Kaling to be your spokesperson, of course, but it doesn’t hurt to link up with a related brand or social influencer to get your message across.  The biggest takeaway from all of McDonald’s success with this marketing campaign is that it doesn’t have to cost huge sums of money to achieve great success in the digital world.

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