Promotional Campaigns on Facebook Provide Great Growth Opportunity

Promotional marketing campaigns can be a very effective way to build a bigger following for your brand, and to encourage customers to follow through with a purchase.  That makes them among the most popular types of campaigns this time of the year.  Right now, people are ready to spend big sums of money in order to provide the happiest possible holiday season for their children, spouses, family members and friends.  Offer them something of great perceived value and they may just spend it on your brand.  Promotion campaigns can offer a lot to a business, in addition to the obvious boost in sales that they can prompt, including:

  1. Reach a bigger audience. Your customers are likely to share the news if they feel like the deal is truly worthwhile.
  2. Collect Customer Data If you make it necessary for the consumer to enter an email address or other such data in order to redeem the promotional offer, then you can build your databases. That means that you have further reach with each successive campaign.

There are three distinct rules that should always apply if you want to win over your niche with a promotion:

  1. Bring Value to the Consumer
  2. Keep it Time Sensitive
  3. Include a Clear Call to Action

These three components come together to compel consumers.  Once you have these three things decided upon, Facebook is happy to provide the perfect platform for your promotion.  Why should you use Facebook for your promotional campaign?

  1. There are more than two billion active Facebook users. That is a massive collection of people who are actively seeking things of interest.
  2. Facebook allows for niche narrowing. The beauty of Facebook advertising, which really isn’t done as well on any other platform, is that you can really narrow down to the exact niche you hope to reach.  That means that your advertising money is going toward the people most apt to have an interest in the product or service you have to offer.
  3. The social media platform has a ‘claim offers’ option, which allows you to run a promotional campaign, which can include automatic reminders for those who click on the deal. That will often lead to an even greater number of sales.
  4. The first step of setting up such a campaign is selecting the objective. Facebook has laid out a chart of the most common marketing objectives – brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, catalog sales, and more.  Select one of these and Facebook will walk you through setting up a campaign focused on that objective.
  5. The analytics offered by Facebook are terrific too. The advertising platform provides a visual representation of how well your ad is performing.

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