What to Expect from the New Facebook Algorithm

The coming changes to the Facebook algorithm have many marketers very concerned.  This will change the media marketing game in some ways, but this shouldn’t be cause for panic.  As always, changes like these happen and the best marketers will find that they are able to adapt their strategies so they continue to see the gains needed to grow the brand.

First, take a few moments to understand the reasoning behind this big change.  Influencers are big players in the social media realm these days.  Not only do they command large audiences, which means keeping more people active on the social platforms, but they also appeal to marketers who want to tap into those audiences.  Unfortunately, when it comes to creating social algorithms there is a disconnect between what best serves marketers and what best serves influencers.

Already, we have seen Instagram make the shift to an influencer-friendly model – one that focuses on users seeing more from their friends, family members, and associates, and puts far less emphasis on organic brand exposure.  Because influencers are using organic reach to build their audience bases, their content is treated like that of an individual and not that of a brand.  Thus, they get greater exposure and are able to continue expanding their reach.  Facebook’s new changes to the algorithm is going to push this level of favoritism even further.  Why?  Because Facebook is built to serve the individual user, not marketers.  The average user wants to see the photos and updates of friends and family members, not the advertisements and marketing jargon.  There is also a new motive driving the changes to the algorithm.  Fake news has become a big issue and a hot topic, with Facebook and other social platforms at the center of the controversy.  This is Zuckerburg’s answer to the problem.

So, how do you play by the new rules?

Find an Influencer and Budget Accordingly

In truth, the approach doesn’t have to be shifted a great deal, assuming you have been successful on Facebook for the past year or two.  This shift started in 2016, and while the new updates will change the social landscape once again, you will still find that the PPC advertising and influencer marketing serve you very well, perhaps even better than before, in fact.  After all, influencers are going to find the platform even more friendly to their objectives.

Keep it Real

Avoid misleading headlines and content that could be perceived as ‘fake news’.  This is something that you should expect to see highly targeted by the powers at Facebook.  If you have a real message, something of value, to offer your niche, and you can find the right influencer to help you push your message, you can do great things on Facebook in 2018.

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