Stop Making These 3 Website Design Mistakes

Website Design

With every passing day there are new website design trends being introduced and the old ones becoming redundant. Because digital marketing is of vital importance these days website design is one of those factors that business owners cannot neglect at all.

Not only do you need to have a website at all costs but you also need to have it designed the right way.

Standing out in a good way

Having a website is not at all uncommon these days. Therefore to avoid getting lost in the crowd, your website needs to be effective at generating leads and converting them.

But instead of trying to stand out from the crowd most people tend to follow the crowd. This results in making some of the same mistakes that everyone else does. Although these mistakes may not seem significant the effective website design to a great extent and put off visitors.

When this happens you keep wondering why your website never gets sufficient number of visitors, not realizing that there are some mistakes in your website that are ruining your chances of success.

Three warning signs

Whether you run an ecommerce site or a blog, if you are making these three mistakes with your website design you must stop immediately.

Page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Several websites have a problem with how long it takes to load.

Some website designs remain blank for the first several seconds and then all the content can appear at once. Other websites will have some of the content appear immediately while the rest takes long time.

Remember that the audience is seeking instant gratification when the visit a website; therefore no page of your website can afford to take longer than 3 seconds to load. If it does it will be a potential turn off for visitors.

No call to action.

If you want your audience to remember what they just read on your website and if you want to turn them from visitors into leads and then into paying customers, you must have clear calls to action on every page telling them what to do next.

It could be asking them to download your free eBook in exchange for a name and email address, it could be directing them to a different page or post on your website or asking them to buy your products. Without specific calls to action your clueless visitors will leave without taking any action.

Pop-up blocks most of the page.

Popups can be used for in lead generation. But they can also be very annoying to visitors.

If a pop-up comes up and blocks the entire content on the page, then most visitors will be turned off. Therefore, when using popups, make sure they don’t seem annoying to visitors at all.


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