4 Strategic Reasons to Add e-Commerce to Your Business Website

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The connected generation of today (Google calls it the ‘C’ generation) expects much more from your business website than you might think.

To achieve better engagement with existing customers at a very low cost and to effectively reach out to new customers, you should consider adding e-Commerce capabilities to your B2C website.

Here are a few compelling reasons why e-Commerce can help your business reach the next level:

  1. Provide customers the opportunity to buy ‘in the moment’

In a highly competitive and overcrowded marketplace, it is difficult to win the ‘mindshare’ of prospective customers.

Many customers are seeking the products or services you sell, but they are too busy or have too short an attention span to commit to actual buying action – if they cannot do it instantly online.

Many customers today prefer e-Commerce purchases to cut down the time involved in their purchase journey.

Online shopping gives them the power to buy ‘in the moment’. They can place their order from anywhere, anytime – including outside your business hours. With e-Commerce capability on your website, your business is open 24x7x365.

  1. Expand your market share by reaching out to new customers online

If your website provides customers the ability to conclude their buying action online, it eliminates the barriers of physical distance. Customers outside your traditional geographical territory can also buy your products or services with equal ease and convenience.

If you only depend on a physical business location to reach out to customers, Google, Bing, and other search engines will rank you only in the localized search results relevant to that location.

However, when your website has e-Commerce capabilities, the search engines will allow your website to be visible in top search results for a much wider audience across multiple geographies.

So, with e-Commerce design built into your business website, you can achieve a stronger online presence, improve your search rankings for non-localized keywords, and go for a much larger potential market share for your products and services.

  1. Build an active database of customer leads for higher conversion rates

Your hottest customer leads are online visitors to your website who engage. They engage in some kind of purchase-related action, even if they may not actually buy online.

A smart e-Commerce interface could be designed in a way that encourages visitors to provide their contact information or social media connection, even if they choose not to go to the finish line with their credit card details.

It is worth investing your marketing efforts on a potential customer who came close to the finish line.

That is the kind of customer that you can engage with through direct email marketing or social media. Also, you can attract them with special or unique offers on your business website.

Targeted marketing works well with such potential leads and you can expect to achieve a much higher conversion rate.

  1. Boost visibility of your product promotions

With e-Commerce added to your website, it gets easier and cheaper to promote your products and services. Site visitors will receive information about seasonal offers, discounts, new product launches, and so on.

The online visibility serves as an additional reinforcement to improve your brand recall.

You can also expect repeat visitors to your site. Once they know they can receive information about your latest offers and deals through your website.

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