Tips to Build a Better Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Has your business cultivated your brand on social media?  Is it a thriving social media presence?  Having a social media marketing strategy can drive growth for your business by creating lasting relationships with prospects and customers.

Identify Your Audience

Understanding who your audience is a major factor in all of your business strategies and campaigns.  Not everyone is your audience.  Understand who your target personas are.

Choose the Right Networks

There are so many social media platforms, that you need to choose the right ones.  Choosing the right ones comes down to your audience.  Where they are and what your goals are.

  • Facebook – This platform is ideal for businesses that want to generate leads and build relationships.
  • Instagram – This image-based platform is powerful to expand a brand’s presence and visibility of products and services.
  • LinkedIn – A platform that is perfect for business networking. It can be used by both B2B and B2C businesses to create trust, build authority, and engage audiences.
  • Pinterest – is a fantastic platform for businesses with visual appeal. It is great for driving sales because so many users look to the site to plan purchases.

Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Understanding that you need to improve your social media presence is the start, but it is only the beginning.  You will need to create a content calendar that will help you plan your posts and the frequency.  The content calendar should specify.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What topics and subjects your audience is interested in.
  • What kind of content will you need to create?
  • When and what platforms content will be published.

Content Creation

Being very clear about who your audience is will determine what type of content you should be sharing and how to engage your followers.  What are their likes, pain points, challenges, and needs?

Your content needs to be of high quality and relevant.  Content is king and people are looking for great content.  They are not looking for selling; they are looking for help.  When they find it, they will reward you with their business.


It is not enough to just post great content, a social media marketing strategy is about the connection and engagement.  That is the only way to foster the relationships that you want to build and gain trust with.  Here are some ways that you can engage with your audience.

  • Commenting on posts
  • Participating in conversations
  • Sharing relevant information
  • Sharing user-generated content
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Showing appreciation to users


It takes time and patience to cultivate a relationship with a potential customer, and it is the same for social media.  You will need to post consistently and monitor your channels.  You need to respond to questions and conversations.

While this sounds time-consuming, it is important, and you can use automation tools to help minimize the time you have to dedicate.

Posting frequency depends on the platform you are using.

Social media is ideal for brand building and recognition, so it is crucial that every post you make is in line with your image.  Having a consistent look and feel is key.

What Does Your Social Media Presence Look Like?

There are tactics and strategies that can help you build toward social accounts that prime for engagement.  The tips outlined above are the start of building your social media marketing strategy and get your brand out in the lead.

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