Take Your Live Video and Turn it Into a Marketing Asset

Take Your Live Video and Turn it Into a Marketing Asset

Live videos offer immediate real-time insight in a way that text, social posts, and blogs can’t achieve.  Video content whether it is live or not is a valuable asset for a brand.  Once you host a live video, webinar or zoom, there are some great marketing strategies to get the most out of your content.  Videos are a surefire way of increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.  You can create a series and it helps your content rank in searches.  Here are some ways to turn your video into a marketing asset.


Save the video for replay.  As soon as the live broadcast stops, make sure it’s available for replay.  There is never a perfect time to schedule your videos, replay makes it available to get more viewers.

  • Facebook – On Facebook, before you go live, you are asked what you would like to post your video clip after it ends. Once the live video is over and the video is saved and shared, you can edit and re-post as a featured video.  This means that it will appear at the top of your video section, so it is easy to find.
  • YouTube – When you finish going live on YouTube, your footage is automatically uploaded to your channel.
  • Zoom – You can record your zoom webinar and then upload it. The best way we have found is that you load to your YouTube channel and share it from there.  It may not be the question-and-answer portion however the conversation or teaching that the brand is doing in the beginning.

Video Helps Grow Your Social Following

Live videos and the replays are a great way to grow your social media following.  By having followers share your video and your page.  It can increase your broadcast a hundredfold overnight.

All of your videos should be uploaded to YouTube.  It creates a library so that if someone is loving what you share, they can go and watch as many videos as they want.

Cross-Promote on Social Platforms

Instagram and Facebook make cross-promoting straightforward.  In the settings, you can choose to automatically share your broadcasts with one another.

If your video is on YouTube just click on the share icon below your video and select to share on your social profiles.

Turn Live Videos into Snippets

Turning your live video into a snippet is a great marketing tool.  These videos can be used to create social media posts to then entice them to go back and watch the replay.  Snippets are easier to watch online and are a good introduction to a brand new follower.  It gives them a short clip to learn about your brand without a commitment.

With a snippet, you have the power to edit and make the clip look sharp and add text.  While live video followers are forgiving about pauses and video quality, a snippet should have some editing to look and be a great piece of video.

These snippets are great to put together and post on your website.  Videos on websites help with your Google SEO rankings.

Custom Thumbnails

When your live video saves to your social profile, a thumbnail is automatically chosen for you.  It may not always be the best or most flattering frame.  These will not pull in any interest from someone who comes across it.

You can change the thumbnail and choose a frame from your footage.  Pick a thumbnail that is riveting and draws a potential follower in.  It needs to be visually appealing.

Blog Posts, Email Campaigns with Your Video

Your live content is great content for other marketing platforms.  In a blog, you can choose to feature the entire video or chop it into segments.  The transcription of the video can be the blog text or you can write about the topic addressed in the video and embed it.

Videos make for great email content.  You can insert your thumbnail and share the link to the video on YouTube, or your blog, wherever you want them to go to.  Have the video fit within the context of your email campaign and call to action (CTA).

Comments and Questions are a Gold Mine

Collect all the comments and questions during your live video, and on the livestream.  They are a gold mine to give you ideas for social media posts, other videos, blogs, and website content.  These questions help you find out what your potential customers need help with.  You can also answer with links to further information to help guide them through the sales funnel.

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