How to Use Marketing Automation to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation offers an exciting opportunity for greater efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced customer experience.  Starting the automation journey may seem intimidating, however, once it is set up it will give you a leg up against your competition.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a technology that streamlines your marketing activities.  It gives you the power to focus on customers with the highest potential and saves your time by triggering campaigns across multiple channels.

Why Use Marketing Automation?

  • Saves you time by automating manual effort.
  • It increases revenue and saves costs.
  • It allows you to nurture your customers.
  • Focus on new potential customers with the highest potential.

Set Up Goals for Marketing Automation

Be clear about what you want to achieve and how you will track it.  Do you want to save time?  Are you trying to increase your response rate?  Are you interested in generating more leads?  These are all goals and expectations that automation can help with.  It is about having clear priorities so that you can set the automation to obtain them successfully.

Touchpoints and Sales Funnel

You can only optimize if you understand the customers and what leads them to purchase.  Understanding the sales funnel helps you create the best marketing automation campaigns.  There are multiple touchpoints through a customer’s journey before you close the deal.  The journey may start with an ad, then website, emails, newsletters, remarketing, your website.  It all is based on what they are looking for, what problem you solve, and if they get enough information, and believe you are the best solution for them.

Select the Best Automation Software

There are infinite choices when it comes to automation software.  Do your due diligence, there may be software for your specific industry.  Most platforms offer a free trial, which gives you a chance to test the software in your unique setting and evaluate which is the best fit.

Analyze Your Automation and Then Improve

You need to analyze and measure it.  Analyzing what is working and what is not working so that you can adjust to improve your messages.  Brands can also benefit from automated A/B testing, which allows for optimizing content in real-time for maximum impact.

Content Creation in Automation

Automation takes care of getting the right message at the right time to customers and potential customers.  However, the message content will still come from you.  The narrative voice is an important component of the relationship your business build with its audience.  The content needs to sound human and in a way that the recipient believes it has been created specifically for them.  Automation can insert their name to personalize it.

Switch the headlines, refresh the images, call to actions, you want to give them new and fresh content so that they want to continue to engage.  The same information will have them subscribe as fast as they hit the button to subscribe.

Customer Experience

The success of automation is how the customers react to it.  Marketing automation is only beneficial as you are seeing the results with the consumer and the bottom line.  It gives businesses the opportunity to have better customer service.  Once a client buys, they get an immediate thank you email; they get a text with shipping or delivery information.  It is a way to stay top of mind and give an unforgettable experience.

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