Tips for Creating a Landing Page that Gets Conversions

Tips for Creating a Landing Page that Gets Conversions

If your goal is to increase sales and attract new customers, then it is time to focus on your landing pages.  Landing pages are a valuable tool in lead generation.  Improve your digital marketing strategy by creating a strong landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page in digital marketing is the page that your visitors land on after they click a link from an email, social post, or an ad on another page.  This page is created to provide the user with important information, to get them interested, and to encourage them to take a specific action.  It is one specific call to action.

The landing page focus is to get the visitor to register, place an order, email newsletter sign up, call the office, etc.  It is an excellent tool to increase SEO.

A Landing Page is Not Your Home Page

The purpose of a landing page is different than your homepage.  The main task of the landing page is to attract as many customers as possible who might be interested in your offer, who want to learn more about the product or service and get them into your sales funnel. A homepage is your storefront, a virtual business card.  Its primary objective is to leave a positive impression and encourage site visitors to explore other webpages to get the information they are looking for.

Landing Pages and SEO

Quality landing pages are great for SEO.  A landing page offers a unique resource experience to target customers in exchange for their contact information.  It allows you to capture leads for existing and future marketing campaigns.

A landing page is an integral part of your online marketing campaigns.  It makes it easier to track and analyze your page visitor’s online behavior.  And more importantly, it allows you to modify your marketing campaign to optimize the user experience.

Best Practices for a Landing Page

  • Speed – You want the landing page to load in 3 seconds or less. The longer it takes, the more impatient the user will get and they will not stick around.
  • Clear and Concise – The content needs to be clear, they should know what the topic is about and what they will get for filling out the information.
  • Design – Beautiful Headings and Subheadings, optimizing the call to action in appealing colors. You want the landing page to look good while representing your brand aesthetics.
  • Compelling Headline – The headline of your landing page can either create or destroy the entire page. It needs to give a benefit to the user.
  • Integrate with Social Media – Social media presence is important. By having your landing page integrated is a great way to connect.  Have share buttons that let the user re-post the landing page and get you more visibility.
  • Social Proof – Include testimonials and reviews on your landing page. Only share social proof that is relevant to your buyer persona.
  • CTA – The best call to actions create a sense of urgency, they are giving something amazing to the visitor. They also need to be very clear and in a legible font.  Keep the CTA to three to five words.

A Strong Landing Page Will Improve Business

A professional landing page is one of the most effective ways to quickly sell a product or service.  It’s a powerful marketing platform.  When a company uses landing pages effectively, they will immediately see an improvement in traffic and conversions.  Not sure where to start?  MaxAudience has you covered.  We have a team of specialists that can help you get the results you desire.  Contact us today and let us help you get your landing page converting leads.

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