Turn One Piece of Content into Several Pieces for SEO

Turn One Piece of Content into Several Pieces for SEO

Part of any digital marketing strategy is to create quality content.  Content marketing gets your brand better SEO ranking, and it gives clients and potential clients’ information.  This information keeps bringing them back to you.  However, it can seem daunting to always be creating fresh new content.  Repurposing content is a way to spend less time researching and more time expanding on an idea.

What is Repurposed Content for SEO?

Repurposed content is taking one valuable piece of content and creating new content out of it.  The trick is to not keep rewriting it for different avenues.  It is about taking the ideas out of it and expanding on them and creating complementary content that all works together.

For a sales funnel strategy, it is perfect.  Your target audience reads the first piece of content and they are interested in learning more, so they click on your white paper.  They push your readers deeper into the sales funnel.  You are giving them what they need.  Here is how to create a lot of great content.

Start with A Blog Post

Think about what your target audience needs help with.  What is their pain point and how can you help them solve it.  The blog post will cover the big picture of the problem and the solution.  Create a topic that your customers will enjoy learning about and that there are multiple steps within the strategy.  Blogs are perfect for creating awareness and the first step in the sales funnel.

Research keywords so that thru organic search your target audience will find your blog and your brand.

Create a White Paper

The purpose of a white paper is to give information that a certain solution is best for the problem.  It can influence the decision-making process of current and prospective customers.  It educates readers and helps them solve an issue.

When creating the white paper this is where you can get into the specifics.  Take a section of the blog and give more details.  It is clearly focused content that is enticing to read.  In order to download the white paper for free, it is best to collect an email address or contact information of the prospective customer.  This will give you information for follow-up while they are getting more information.

Create Social Media Content Marketing

Promote your blog by creating social media content marketing pieces that talk about key ideas in the post.  Give snippets of info and a call to action to learn more.  Be ready to engage with followers as they may ask questions or comment on the message.  Social media is a great way to target your audience and help them find your brand.

While creating posts about the white paper is a great way to get visibility, another option is to use social media ads, to gain trackable clicks and conversions.  Facebook ads let you target who will see the ad so it gets to your target audience and they get the information they are looking for.

Produce Video Clips

Videos are important to your outreach and campaign efforts, especially your social strategy.  It increases engagement, educates, and you reach your audience with a new medium.

Record a quick video that is on topic from the blog.  Give a story or an example that makes the blog post come to life.  Not only does it give the brand a face, but it will also drive your audience to your content.

Videos are another way to get a better search engine ranking and improve SEO.  Create videos according to each platform guideline.

Repurpose not Duplicate

The most effective way to create a successful content marketing strategy is to share thought-provoking engaging content.  Repurposing content is not duplicating the same content, however, it can help keep your content fresh and easier to create.

Multiple pieces of content on topics that each stand out on their own.  Think of it as one big asset worth repurposing, multiple small articles that all contribute valuable information towards one core topic.

If you need help with your content marketing, SEO, and social media we know how to implement all into a powerful digital marketing campaign.

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