A Great Web Design Will Increase Sales

A Great Web Design Will Increase Sales

Your website needs to not only bring in online leads, but it needs to convert visitors to leads and sales.  With some key web design details, your website can improve your conversion rates and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Visitors are not always ready to buy once they land on a website.  However, with exceptional design, navigation, and content, it can engage the visitors and lead them down the sales funnel to convert into clients.

Shift in Consumer Behavior

More than ever, people are relying on websites to fulfill their needs.  The global shift in consumer behavior means that websites for products and services need to be optimized and give the best customer experience.

First Impressions

Google averages 40,000 search queries every second.  This means that your website SEO strategy needs to be strong.

First impressions are everything, and your website only has a few seconds to make one.  A user will form an opinion about your site initially on the loading speed and the design first.  A poorly designed website will affect your bounce rate.

After making an excellent first impression, your web design must leave a lasting impression to gain your audience’s trust and encourage them to engage further with your brand.


When a visitor comes to your website, it is because they have a problem that they need a solution for.  Your navigation bar must provide the answers to their questions and be easy to find.  Good site navigation will anchor visitors through the main menu, provide seamless internal linking, and not have too many steps.

Visual Hierarchy

One of the most important design tips is to make sure the important features of your website are the most eye-catching.  The use of bold fonts, larger text sizes, bright colors giving visual cues, and what is most important.

Improve Sales

There are many best practices in web design that will convert a visitor into a lead and then into a paying customer.

  • Contact Forms – Have a collect information form to contact your leads. It should be a short form so as not to turn off the visitor, and they will fill it out quickly.
  • Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) – A CTA button is an actionable step towards a conversion. The button should be enticing and strategically placed to make visitors click through to the next step in their purchase decision.
  • Fast Loading – Users expect a loading time of 2 seconds, which means you need a fast and reliable hosting service. Also, make sure your images and content are optimized for speed.
  • Mobile – Mobile traffic accounts for a large percentage of web traffic. So, you want to make sure that your site is responsive and optimized so that it is readable on a mobile or tablet device.
  • Social Proof – You want to showcase your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. These include client testimonials, awards, partnerships, and other social proof.  This will build trust and giving new customers confidence in your brand.
  • Continuous A/B Testing – Specific execution on your website is an important step in optimizing for conversions. A/B test every design element to determine the version that delivers the best results.

Digital Marketing Strategies That Convert

Investing in your website design will increase sales.  The MaxAudience team understands web design, SEO, and creating digital marketing strategies that will improve your conversions.  We have proven techniques that have given our clients successful results.

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