Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing is an integral part of everyday business, which is why having a solid strategy is a must.  Whether you are reaching out to a lead or for customer retention, there are some common mistakes that get made when using email marketing.  Here is a guide on the common mistakes to avoid.

The Content is Not Targeted

A lot of companies make the mistake of sending the same email to all of their subscribers.  It is more likely that not everyone on your list all needs the same product or service.  This is why segmenting your email list is so important.

One way to segment is to have different opt-in forms that offer different freebies.  Segmenting your email list will increase your conversion rate and decrease your unsubscribe count.

One-Way Conversations

A mistake that is often seen is that the email does not engage the reader in a conversation.  They also do not have a way for a reader to get in touch with them.

The first thing to fix this problem is to not send an email with a do not reply return address  Instead, use emails that have a name or something more personable.

Try starting the email by asking a question.  Also, at the end of the email add the name of who it is coming from with links to an email address, social media, or a live chat.  This way the subscribers know they can reach out to you, not just some random company.

Not Giving Information or An Offer

This happens a lot.  You subscribe to an opt-in form hoping for great information and advice, but you only get emails with all sales.

There is nothing wrong with promoting a product or service within an email, but it needs to be with some information that helps the subscriber.  It could be a link to a useful blog post, or an informational video, or a white paper that helps solve their pain point.

At the end of the email mention a discount or a sale, but you must have added value within the content of the email.

No Call to Action (CTA)

You send an email, it has great information and a deal that customers would love and there is a link in the text.  There is a good chance that not all of your subscribers will see the link or realize they should click here to get the deal.

You want to add a bright button or a clear call to action.  It is about having a clear end goal in mind and giving it to the subscriber.  They need the next step if they want more information, to buy, or to learn more.

Direct Subject Line

A subject line needs to be clear and right to the point.  A lengthy subject line that does not tell them what your email is about will not get opened.

If the subject line promises something you also need to deliver that in the email.  They need to be honest and informational.  Subscribers skim their email subject lines before clicking on them. You want to make sure they are clicking on yours.

Personalizing a subject line is a good idea.  It is a way to target your reader and increases the chance of them opening your email.

Focusing on Quantity and Not Quality

Everyone wants a large list of subscribers.  However, a highly engaged subscriber list is where the focus should be.  Focus on the quality of the subscriber rather than the quantity.  Look at your email list periodically and clean it up.  If they have not been opening your emails for over the past year, then it might be time to remove them.

It is not about just having a long list it is about creating relationships with the subscribers and focusing on meeting their needs with great email marketing.

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