The Power of Case Studies in Digital Marketing

The Power of Case Studies in Digital Marketing

There are many digital marketing strategies when it comes to creating content to engage with prospects.  There is one that sometimes gets overlooked by brands, case studies. Case studies give social proof that your brand has the solution to their pain points.

What is a Case Study?

A case study tells of a challenge or conflicts your customer was having, how it was approached and resolved by using your product or service.  The best case studies have data that confirms success.

The Power of a Case Study

Research has shown that a prospect that reads a successful case study influences their buying decision.  Case studies resonate with prospects more than just a bullet point list of data.  They position your company as an industry leader.

Case Studies can help educate prospects on the benefits and value of your product or service.  It also is a great sales tool for your sales department.  It is a way for them to present your brand in a storytelling deck that will close deals.

How to Write a Case Study

The best case studies go through the entire customer process with the start, middle, and end the journey with a solution.  The customer should be relatable and have commonalities with the reader, the more they can relate and see themselves in the story, the more compelled they are to reach out after.  The formula we have found effective is the intro of the customer or the hero of the story, the challenge they face, the solution, and the results.

Keep in mind that the hero of the story is not your brand, your brand provides the service or product to make the hero’s life better.

Marketing the Case Study

Now that you have a strong case study, it is about using it effectively.  As mentioned above, positioning a case study in a sales deck is one way to showcase it to sell your product or service.  Here are some other ways to market it.


Case studies are powerful tools on a website.  They drive conversions and sales.  You should have a case study page for visitors to look at.  However, a case study on a home page will get the most views.  It will encourage them to stay on your site longer and click-through.


Another way to share a case study is by using the content and turning it into a blog post.  Share more details than in the case study so that it is a combination of story and key information.  Include a call-to-action at the end of the blog.

Social Media

Case Studies can give you some great social media content and link to your website.  A few sentences to intrigue the reader and then a link to the full story.  If you have a testimonial from the client featured in the case study, it makes for a great graphic and content piece to share.

Brands that share authentic content build credibility and trust with viewers.

Email Marketing

Case studies make for great email nurturing content.  Email marketing still produces the highest return on investment when compared to other tactics.  Studies have shown that emails are the marketing channel most customers say they want businesses to communicate with them.  So why would you not take the case study and turn it into a series of nurturing campaigns?

We Can Help

If you are still unsure about how to best write your case studies, implementing them into a strategy, we can help.  At MaxAudience we have a proven track record of helping clients take leads and convert them into sales.  Contact us today so you can dominate in the marketplace.

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