Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Lead Ads

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Lead Ads

Is your brand using Facebook Lead Ads as a lead generation tool?  If you are not using this style of ad to gain brand awareness and gain access to high-quality leads, then your brand is missing out.

While there are many types of ad campaign options, Facebook lead ads are one that is getting brands quality leads and conversions.  Here is a look at what is making them so useful.

What Makes Facebook Lead Ads Important?

Facebook lead ads allow you to collect information from your target audience while they are still within the platform.  While traditional ads take a prospect to a landing page, Facebook keeps the user on Facebook and auto-generates some of the information for the form.  Making it more likely for a brand to get the information.

Ease of Creation

Creating a Facebook Lead Ad campaign is like another ad campaign.  Once created, the ad will display a post with sponsored that will pop up on both mobile and desktop feeds.  When someone clicks on the form it will instantly have their information in the fields and they can edit or simply click submit.

The form has custom question options, making it easy to tailor parameters for targeting.  Facebook can be set to automatically send your new leads to your customer relationship management (CRM) system.  This allows you to send them the information they are searching for and solving their specific pain points.  Ultimately, converting prospects into customers.

Benefits to This Type of Ad

For a prospect this type of ad can be ideal, they are not leaving Facebook; the information is pre-populated, and they submit to get information that they have been searching for.  For brands, this means that you will be getting more leads faster.

The options when creating the ad can let a brand target a geographic region, by country, state, and zip code.  So, if your brand only delivers or is available in specific areas, you can segment your audience.

The ads can be customized for products, services, schedule an appointment, content downloads, or webinar sign-ups.  It will help you with whatever your specific goals are.

No matter the device, the prospect will see your ads if they are your target audience.

For re-targeting purposes, these ads can be a great option.  The ad will reach people who have gone to a brand’s website or someone who was clicked on the ad but never hit submit.

The cost per impression is less than that of Google.  Making lead ads a more economical choice for brands.

Improve Lead Quality and Get Conversions

Whether you are selling a product or a service, this is an all-encompassing strategy to add to your digital marketing methods.  It not only improves the quality of your leads, but it converts.  If you are not sure what ads and the methods to improve your brand’s sales, we can help.  MaxAudience works with a variety of industries and tailors the strategy to get the best results.  Contact us today!

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