A Guide to Writing Content that Converts

A Guide to Writing Content that Converts

There is so much content available that as a brand it is about writing content that converts your target audience.  It is about giving quality information and establishing a relationship.  In the end, it is about standing apart from the competition.

If your web pages or landing pages are not producing sales, then there is a strong chance that your content is not giving them what they want.  Not only does it need to grab their attention, but it needs to answer questions.  The content needs to help with their pain points, give solutions.

Step One: Speaking to Your Visitors

Content needs to speak to a reader’s concerns.  This is the first step into writing content that converts.  Many websites have content on their accomplishments and awards, and how efficient they are.  While this sets up a brand as a leader, it does not speak to how they have a solution for them.

Effective website content is about writing what matters to the visitor.  How your brand has the solution.

Step Two: Creating Headlines

The first thing someone sees is the headline on an article or at the top of the website.  The headline needs to tell the visitor what the page is about and intriguing them to read more.  The headline also needs to be optimized for search engines, so don’t forget to use your keywords.

A headline that guarantees the readers a benefit will be more enticing.  The concentration of a user is short, so it has to grab their attention.

Step Three: Clear Messaging

Is your message clear and valuable?  If the audience is unclear of the message or it lacks value, then you will not see conversions.  Content that is short and concise is more clear and valuable.  They do not want to read lengthy overwritten content.

Reading content should not be confusing it should be simple.  Here are some great ways to break up the content.

  • Use short paragraphs. Breaking up content into bite-size pieces makes it clear and easy to read.
  • Subheaders are the best way for a visitor to seek out the pieces of the content that appeal to them.
  • Use bullet points to create a list. Bullet points stand out from the rest and make it easy to read.
  • Another option for bullet points is a numbered checklist. This is a great way to break the content up and a reader can follow along.

Step Four: Give What You Promise

The content must fulfill the promise of what is given in the headline or title.  If your content is not giving what you promised then no matter how amazing steps 1-3 is it will never convert.  It is about creating trust and credibility with each visitor.  If your content does not give them what you promised, then why would they trust your product or service to do that.

Step 5: Call To Actions

Without a call to action, your content is not being effective.  Call to action tells the reader what to do next, it can be as simple as clicking a link or entering contact information to get a guide or checklist for more knowledge.

Always Remember

Remember that the content that converts the most is the ones that guide your visitor through a journey.  The more they read and engage the more information they are getting, which ultimately leads them to buy.  If you are still unsure about content that converts, our team can give you specifics about your website and ways to improve it.  Schedule a consultation today!

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