CRM’s Take Your Customer Experience from Okay to Excellent

CRM's Take Your Customer Experience from Okay to Excellent

If your goal is to improve your customer experience, then customer retention management (CRM) is a great solution.  A CRM gives you the opportunity to do more lead nurturing, which leads visitors down the sales funnel and ultimately closes more sales.  It is about streamlining your communication and business practices.  Here is a guide as to why you need to implement a more successful customer experience through a CRM.

What is a CRM?

A customer retention management system is software that helps businesses manage interactions with contacts, leads, and customers from a single platform.  You can use the software for contact information, creating emails, predict future sales, recommending products, guide customer service interactions, and manage touchpoints.


One of the hardest tasks for marketers is to look through customer data and determine who is a warm lead.  A CRM can help sit through the contacts and target who are the most likely to become customers.  It saves your sales team valuable time.

Effective Audience Segmentation

The best email campaigns start with segmentation.  Dividing your audience is about demographics and giving them the information that they want.  Not all of your client’s pain points are the same.  The solutions need to be catered to each client’s needs.

Ways to segment your audience are based on demographics, age, location, income, and more.  Other options for segmenting can be by industry, job role, and company size.  Another choice for segmentation for eCommerce businesses is products already purchased, likes and dislikes, emails opened, and social media activity.

Personalizing Emails

Sending personalized emails is a necessity in the marketplace.  Gone are the days of Hi Friend, that immediately tells them you have no idea who they really are.  A CRM lets you add a customer’s name in the opening line of the email and in the subject line.  It caters the content to their specific needs, gives special offers and exclusive deals to encourage them to purchase.

Statistics show that the more personalized the emails are, the more response rates and stronger brand perception is.  So an increase in revenue is inevitable.

Email Marketing Automation

Email automation for campaigns is a huge reason that so many businesses use a CRM software.  All the follow-up emails, abandoned cart, and additional information emails are timed to go out at the best time.


All campaigns can be analyzed within the software, so you can see what campaigns were successful and which ones were not.  This helps you specifically repeat the best performing campaigns and takes the guesswork out.  No more recreating the wheel.

Marketers Need to Win

A CRM lets you engage with your customers and understand what they are looking for while giving them a personalized experience.  With all the emails and messages that customers get daily from brands, it is about standing out and giving the best customer experience possible.  Marketers need to win customers, and our team can help.  We work with small to large size brands that need expert campaigns to win in their marketplace.  Contact us today for a consultation.

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