Is LinkedIn Still Relevant as a Business Marketing Strategy?

Is LinkedIn Still Relevant as a Business Marketing Strategy?

LinkedIn offers a different avenue than Facebook and Instagram when it comes to marketing.  The social media platform is frequented by business owners, senior-level influencers, and decision-makers.  LinkedIn is a treasure-trove for B2B marketers.  Here is a look at what makes LinkedIn a great avenue for marketing and what you can do to build your brand on the platform.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a community of 700 million professionals and 30 million companies around the world.  It is a booming online community that will help brands build awareness, promote products and services, and connect with investors and business partners.

Outline Brand Goals

Before you publish content on LinkedIn, you want to define brand goals and determine what the final objective is.  Here are some goals that you may want to focus on with LinkedIn.

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Improve Brand Reputation
  • Engage with Target Audience
  • Sell Services or Products
  • Generate Qualified Leads

Build Relationships

For a brand that is starting out, join industry-specific groups.  These groups will get you connected with who you are targeting to connect with.  Answer questions and engage within the groups whenever possible it will give credibility and authority.

Encourage employees and business partners to promote your brand across their networks.  By having them spread the word, it attracts more people and grows your brand’s network.

Engaging with followers and answer comments and shares.  It is about engaging with the individuals that are showing interest in your content.

Network Search

When working on building relationships, a great way to connect with the right people and brands is to use LinkedIn’s network search.  There are six main search filters that you can use: people, companies, groups, schools, jobs, and posts.  Within these main filters, you can put in additional parameters to narrow down your search.

The importance of narrowing down your search is about connecting with your target audience.  The content that you post and create will speak to a specific audience, and that is who you want to seek out and connect with.  The best LinkedIn strategy is about tailoring your content to meet your audience’s needs.

Create Informative Content

Content marketing on LinkedIn is about creating posts based on sharing informative and high-quality subject matter.  Compelling content is best when it addresses concerns helps with pain points.  In addition to posts, long-form blogs are another way to get a brand noticed as an expert.


Whenever possible, ask for recommendations from associates and clients.  Reviews reinforce your brand’s reputation and with great recommendations, you will get more inquiries through LinkedIn search.  Recommendations are great sources for social proof.

Advertising Platform

What many do not know is that LinkedIn Advertisements have higher lead conversions when compared to other options.  There are several types of paid advertising options including sponsored updates, inmail, and text ads.  The options within the ad platform allow you to get your message to a targeted audience and direct traffic to your brand page.

Get Results

If your brand wants to develop a stronger LinkedIn presence and get high-quality leads, MaxAudience can help you.  We have created campaigns that leverage the LinkedIn platform and get results.  For a B2B brand, there is no reason to not utilize this social media marketing strategy.

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