Is it Time for a Website Re-Design?

Is it Time for a Website Re-Design?

Websites need to speak to your brand identity, mission, and values, they are your online calling card.  As your brand evolves, so must your website.  Bad websites will reduce your lead conversions, increase your bounce rate, and ultimately lose out on sales.  Whether your website needs a refresh or a re-design, it is a necessary step for your digital marketing strategy.

Understanding the Difference Between Refresh or Re-Design

A website refresh is when there are older images, content, or maybe older keywords are being used.  The site itself is user-friendly and great, it just needs some updating.

A website re-design is when the site is not easy to navigate, the pages are not accurate, you have major changes to products or services offered, the color scheme is out of date, and it is not a good representation of your brand today.

Why Invest in A Re-Design?

Websites are powerful tools and having a fast-loading impressive site that gives visitors what they are looking for will improve your bottom line.  Website redesigns boost organic search and reduce bounce rates.

A powerful working website only needs maintenance instead of a major overhaul, and in the end, the conversions pay for the redesign.

Questions to Help with Website Design

There are a series of questions that digital marketing agencies ask when learning about a client’s website.  These questions will help determine what needs to be changed with the redesign.  Look at your website with fresh eyes and then answer these questions.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Why does someone come to your site?  What problems are they trying to solve?
  • Are the answers easy to find?
  • What are your most valuable pages?
  • What is the bounce rate on your site and pages?
  • Which pages get the most traffic?
  • Have you received complaints about the website or experience?


Does your navigation make sense to someone who does not know much about your brand?  The home page is the first page a visitor lands on, does it have some quality information but not overwhelming amounts of information.  Is the navigation clearly marked and makes sense.  Navigation is something that can make or break a visitor.  If they can not get around the website, then they will leave.

Aesthetics – Visual Branding

The visuals tend to be thought of as the fun part.  Choosing colors, fonts, and images seems easy enough.  However, when choosing colors and fonts make sure that the color scheme is on target with your brand messaging.  There is a psychology behind colors and a graphic designer understands that it is not just about fun but also about meaning.

With website aesthetics comes the idea of not overloading pages with content and images but leaving white space for the visitor’s eye.


Content is about giving quality information, using keywords in the content, and making sure that it reads well.  While having keywords is important for SEO, it is a balance of that and useful information.  Remember your website is a sales tool, that helps visitors make informed decisions about why your product or service will help them. 

The better your content is the high indexing the pages will have.  While you do not want to overwhelm a visitor, having very little content will not index well either.

Mobile Friendly

Websites are more often viewed on a mobile device than on a desktop, which is why you must design a website to be mobile-friendly.  The mobile design needs to be less cluttered than the full site.  The images will need to be scaled down along with any other assets.

Don’t Forget Speed

Slow websites encourage visitors to leave, which increases your bounce rate and brings your search engine rankings down.  A web design will include optimizing images, minimizing plugins, and permit browser caching.  All of these factors will improve a website’s loading time.  There is nothing worse than a beautifully crafted website that takes minutes to load.

There Is Still More To Do

Within the design, there are other factors that will need to be done before the site can go live and start bringing the clients in.  Once the site does go live, the work is not done, there will be adjustments and alterations to be made.  If you are unsure about your website or the work involved in a redesign, our team can help.  Let us help you beat out the competition.

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