A Guide to A Successful PPC Marketing Campaign

A Guide to A Successful PPC Marketing Campaign

Brands that want to increase traffic, generate new leads, and obtain brand visibility find success with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.  However, like any good campaign, it is about the due diligence that makes it effective.  Here is a guide to creating a successful PPC marketing campaign for your brand.

Details of What is PPC Marketing

PPC marketing is run on a variety of platforms, including social media and search engines.  On social media, the ads may pop up if the person is in the right target audience, or on search engines when the target audience runs a search the ads will pop up.  These ad campaigns are a way businesses can target who sees their ad.

When a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays for their click.

Keyword Research

The goal of a PPC campaign is to target the audience that needs your product or service and will convert to a customer.  This targeting begins with keywords and researching those keywords.  It is important that you select the keywords and phrases that your potential customers are searching for.

What are the keywords your competition is using?  It is important to know who your competition is and what they are doing.

Keywords are also about phrases that are being searched.  You want to be specific when it comes to keywords for ads.  You do not want your ads to show up for people who are not searching for exactly what you sell.

Understanding what people do not want is also important, and that is where negative keywords are useful.  These are words that prevent your ad from being generated by a certain word or phrase.  By using negative keywords, you will save your ad spend.

Remember, the better your keywords are the more clicks and conversions you will get.

Analysis the Keywords

Once you have your list of keywords then it is time to get the analytics on these keywords.  There are several good keyword tools that will rank keywords based on their cost per click ) CPC, search volume, and competition.

The analysis will give you an idea of your ad spend as well as what keywords and negative keywords to start with.

Content and CTA Creation

What is the goal of your ad?  Once you know what you are trying to achieve with your ad then you can begin creating a killer ad with the best call to action (CTA).

The ad should have a compelling headline, description lines with more information, a URL, and a Call to Action.  You want to engage and entice your target audience.  Think about how your product or service helps them and write to that.

When creating a call to action, you want to deliver on your promise.  There is nothing worse than an ad that promises something and never follow through.  There are many actionable words that are popular for CTAs such as Get, Now, Free, Save, Top and more.

Successful CTAs give the potential customer an action item, whether it is to call, chat, or fill out a form.

Landing Page

Where does the ad URL take them?  You want them to go to a Landing page that is set up to coincide with your ad.  It should be visually appealing and have more content that relates to the ad.

The landing page needs to look good on a computer and mobile device.  You never know what device is being used when someone clicks on your ad.

Run the Ad and Measure Performance

Once the ad is created, then it is time to watch the ad and measure the performance.  There may be changes that need to be made to the keywords or the ad itself to get more clicks and conversions.  When you work the steps, the ad will bring in the leads and generate sales.  Take the time to put in the research and creation.

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