How to Create eLearning Content That Sells

How to Create eLearning Content That Sells

eLearning has many advantages over traditional classes and it is not just for schools, businesses can offer eLearning courses as part of their services and an additional revenue stream.  The important part is to teach something relevant and that your target audience wants with great content.  Creating eLearning courses can be a great content marketing strategy to increase interest in your brand, but also add a new product.

Think of the Why

Everyone is busy!  However, if you can hit why your target audience wants or needs this course, then they will make time.  Give them enough details on what they will learn, how they will learn it, and why it will be useful.  The goal is to get them invested in the eLearning.

Think of the course as a tool, however, it is not only about the marketing of the course, or driving traffic, it is about giving them a course with information that they need.  The course will drive traffic and will receive social proof to encourage others to take your course.


The best eCourses are the ones that break up the information into small sections.  It is a short burst of content for learners to study.  Retention is found to be better, and it also makes them come back for more, instead of overwhelming sections of content.

Micro-learning appeals to individuals as it takes up less time and the quality of the content is richer.  That is the key when thinking out the lessons. While it is smaller chunks, it is quality, concise information.

Provide For All Learning Styles

The best eLearning courses have a balance of visuals, audio, and kinesthetic (moving or doing).  Incorporating different elements of each will involve your audience and engage them in the process.  Some ideas to combine all three learning styles are video content, graphics, written notes, and activities.

There may be some repetitiveness when trying to accommodate all three styles, but that can lead to better retention and increased understanding.

Give Information But Hold Back A Little

With eLearning courses there are often two mistakes made: one is giving every single piece of information you know or giving very little information to entice them to come back for the next.  When it comes to giving knowledge, you want to give information, however, not every single thing you know all at once.  Too much can actually overwhelm your audience, and it does not leave room for a deeper dive course to follow.  However, be aware of holding too much back. They want to learn and you need to give them quality information.

Engagement with Interactive Learning

Corporate training many times gets labeled as dry and boring.  When creating eLearning courses, you want to balance between passive and active content.

Passive content is when the lesson is being presented and the viewer is watching a video, reading notes, and listening to explanations.  Once the passive part of the lesson has been presented it is, then a great idea to add some active content, things like quizzes, simulations, discussion forms, an assignment.  All of these examples get the student thinking and brainstorming, taking the lesson and putting it into use.

It is about creating an experience and making the course not only memorable but shareable.

Market Your Course

Once you have the course created, it is ready for students.  It is then time to get the word out through your digital marketing campaigns.

Utilize your social media, create Ads, email marketing, newsletters, and webinars that will preview the eLearning course.  It is about reaching out to your customer base and your target audience.

The goal of an eLearning course is for it to teach, have a high completion rate, for them to share your course with others, and register for another one of your courses.  When you incorporate these tactics, you will have a great reputation as a must-do eLearning class.

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