Does Your Brand Have a Customer Journey Map?

Does Your Brand Have a Customer Journey Map?

In 2021, the customer experience is more important than ever for brands to focus on.  One way to improve your customer experience is to create a customer journey map.  The map is a way to understand the customer’s perspectives and how they will interact with your brand.  This map will help your employees and your marketing strategies appeal to your target audience.  This will increase your bottom line.

What is a Customer Journey Map?

The customer journey starts the minute they hear about your brand all the way to when they purchase and receive a thank you for their order. A map details every step that a customer experiences within your brand when traveling in the sales funnel.

Understanding your customer will help you create the most efficient process and one that speaks to them when creating marketing strategies.

Why Should You Create a Map?

A customer journey map is a beneficial tool for your brand.  Mapping the journey helps create a consistent and effective path for the customer experience.  The map is a guide for the team from sales, content creation, management, and customer service to teach what step comes next for the prospect to become a customer.  It keeps all of your marketing from the perspective of the customer and speaking to each party of the journey.  The steps from finding your brand to purchasing can look different for your audience, and many times parts get skipped over by brands.

The map should not stop with the purchase, the smart brands will have the journey continue with emails and offering exclusives and promotions.

Improve Your Customer Retention Rate

When you have the journey mapped out it is easy to see what areas need improvement.  When you improve on sections, fewer people will leave your brand for the competition.  All a potential needs is one bad experience to switch brands.

Attaining a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

Creating the Map

Your map should achieve the following:

  • Desired Outcome – What is your map’s desired outcome?  Are you trying to improve the customer experience or generate more sales?
  • Find Touchpoints – Touchpoints are the platform or location where customers first interact with a business.  These can be social media posts, search engine results pages, PPC ads, or Google reviews.
  • Customer Personas – part of the journey is mapping out solutions for the personas.  Personas will help you gauge what they want and predicts their behaviors.
  • Customer Experience – Focus on making their experience better.

Taking the Map and Working it into Your Marketing

Once the map is created, then it is time to set your marketing plan and how you are going to reach your customers and potential customers.

The map is your guide to when in the journey is a good time to send a marketing email and what type, more information, checking in, introduction, or thank you.

White papers, case studies, and blogs are great resources and provide useful information to customers on the journey.  The map will let your team know when it is time to provide these items to them.   The personas will tell you which studies will help the potential customer the most.

If you are not sure where to begin or how to take your customer journey map and work it into successful campaigns, we can help.  Our team has helped small to large businesses overcome their marketing question and generate leads and conversions with our experience in email marketing, SEO, branding, website design, and content creation.  Contact us today to beat out the competition.

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