Video Content is Powerful for Social Media

Video Content is Powerful for Social Media

Are you using videos on social media platforms?  Video is proving to be a powerful asset for gaining new followers, growing your brand, and driving sales.  Social media is more than just connecting it is a place for entertainment, education, and e-commerce.

Videos Get More Engagement

Video content capture’s a viewer’s attention for longer, which also means the algorithm will boost that content.  Videos on Instagram see 10 times more engagement than posts alone.  Why is that?

Consumers want to see the people behind the brand.  They want to learn about the story and connect.  Videos create that humanizing emotional connection that people are searching for.  As a brand, videos can be more persuasive than just a static image.  So, there is power for brands as well.


Social media users love videos, and it continues to grow in popularity.  COVID-19 impacted the way digital marketing was seen and done and this also goes with videos and social media marketing.  Facebook and Instagram saw a 40% increase in usage.  This is why brands began to pivot in how they were doing business and posting.

If Gen Z is Your Target Audience – You Need Videos

Gen Z watches videos and they expect to see some when following brands.  Gen Z is tech-savvy, and they have grown up watching YouTube videos, so if they are your target then you must have videos on your social media platforms.

Keep in mind that 16:9 videos can be shared on several platforms like IGTV, Facebook, and YouTube, so it is possible to create a video and get it on several platforms to get the most bang for your work.

They Are Powerful Sales Tools

Videos draw people in so your followers and engagement on social media is up once you start posting.  However, what is exciting for brands is that videos are stronger than images when it comes to purchasing.  93% of brands say that that they converted followers because of a video on social media.  The purchasing power of video makes the production worthwhile.

Create a High-Quality Video

When creating a video, it is important to have a clear action plan from start to finish, which will ensure a successful video post.

  • The idea of the video and what is it accomplishing.
  • Choose the platform.
  • Create a script and set up a backdrop.
  • Video production.
  • Editing, adding subtitles, music, etc.
  • Video promotion.

The key is to understand who are you creating the video for and why.  You want to make sure that the content is useful and has some informational value.  The other critical piece, in the beginning, is to know the specs of the platform you choose.  Lastly, adding subtitles to videos is important, as many people keep the sound off when viewing social media.

Don’t forget to add a call to action, even in videos it is important!

Get Creating Today!

Videos are only going to continue to rise in popularity, so it is time to get creating.  Your video content strategy does not need to be overly complicated or expensive.  Stick to authentic concepts that share information and possibly a little fun too.  At MaxAudience, we have been creating social media content for our clients and helping guide them on the most effective platforms and strategies for their industry.  Contact us today and let’s improve your conversions and close deals.

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