Is Google Discover Showing Your Content to Your Target Audience?

Is Google Discover Showing Your Content to Your Target Audience?

If the answer to the question is no or you are not sure then you need to keep reading this guide. 

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a recommendation tool that is found within Google search.  It is a personalized curated feed of content from the web.  It gives the consumer information about their interests and hobbies.  Google Discover is a personalized experience for mobile users. Below the search button is a discovery feed that appeals to interests.

Get Your Brands Content Seen

When thinking about optimizing for Google Discover, your brand should already be producing high-quality content that follows SEO practices.  Google Discover showcases blogs, pages, and websites.  However, keyword optimization is not enough to get your content shown.

Mobile Experience

Because Google Discover is a mobile-only tool, your website’s mobile experience is critical.  A fast and responsive mobile website is important and earns it a higher ranking.  Also, a website with very few ads, or pop-ups will get Google Discover traffic.

High-Quality Imagery

High-quality images and videos perform better and get the most attention first.  You also want to use relevant images on all of your pages.  The more eye-catching your site is the better it ranks.  Images also need to have a descriptive file name, so double check your alt image text on the backend.

Avoid using a site logo in an image, this is a common mistake that does not gain positive attention with Google Discover.

Popular Topics

Writing about popular topics improves upon the possibility of getting clicks on a post.  The more clicks the higher the search ranking will be.  However, when looking at popular topics, write about ones that relate to your specialty and industry.  Trending gets clicks but the content needs to be quality and unique.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) allows mobile searches to navigate at fast speeds that are ideal for the user and the publisher.  AMP allows for a better user experience, and it ensures consistency, which is important for a mobile audience.  A reader will only wait 10 seconds for a page to open on a mobile device and then they leave.

Consistency and Interesting Content

In the world of digital marketing, consistency is always mentioned for a variety of areas.  Consistency posting new content is what wins.  Sharing one post that is very trendy and popular and then nothing for weeks is not how the game works for search engine rankings or social media.  You want to create consistent posts and about your industry regularly.

The content also needs to be engaging and interesting to the reader.  It must always meet their needs and give information that is deemed helpful.  Google Discover analyzes the content and gives precedence to longer blogs with high-quality images.


Whether you are doing SEO for Google Discover or just trying to improve search engine rankings, a huge piece is Google crawling and indexing.  Google needs to know what your pages represent, relevance, and quality information in order to appear in searches.

Improve SEO and Get Noticed

These steps for getting Google Discover to notice your brand will also help with your SEO scores and improve your rankings all around.  If you are not sure about SEO practices, we can help.  Our team can improve your ratings, help with content, and get you beating out the competition.

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