Mobile Marketing Strategies for Brands

Mobile Marketing Strategies for Brands

Studies show that smartphones are the first thing people look at in the morning and the last thing they look at before they go to sleep.  As a brand, this means your mobile marketing strategies are important and need focus.

More people are purchasing from smartphones than ever before, is your brand utilizing this space effectively.  In 2021, mobile devices reported more than half of internet traffic worldwide.  Let’s look at strategies in mobile marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

 Mobile marketing allows brands to connect with customers directly.  The strategies are reaching customers and potential customers through apps, websites, social media, emails, and texts.  Mobile marketing opens up other forms of reaching customers instantly.

Connect Anytime and Anywhere

Mobile phones offer the opportunity to connect at any time and anywhere in the world.  No matter what service or product your brand offers you can take advantage of it and improve conversion rates.  Targeted marketing will get you to your target audience.

Channels for Connection

There are multiple options when it comes to connecting via mobile.  Here is a look at the options.

  • Mobile Website – With half of the website traffic coming from mobile devices it is key to have your site optimized for mobile.  Check how the site looks on a phone and the loading speed.
  • Apps – Apps are so popular on phones, which is why engaging with customers in a personalized way can promote brand awareness.
  • QR Codes – QR codes are gaining in popularity and so common, especially in the last year because of the pandemic.  Most restaurants now use QR codes instead of menus. They are so easy to scan and then visit a website or landing page, it is an easy way to get your audience to load a page without remembering a long link.
  • SMS Marketing – SMS marketing is using text messages to send time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts to people who have consented to receive messages from your brand.
  • Social Media – No matter the platform most people check social media from their smartphone.  Having a presence is mandatory.

Mobile Marketing Increases Search Engine Rankings

Search engines will boost search rankings for sites that have a strong presence.  This strong presence includes having a website that is optimized for mobile and profiles on social media channels.  The greater your brand’s visibility is, the better your ranking can be.

Mobile is Here to Stay

Mobile marketing is here to stay and will only get bigger and stronger.  If your brand’s presence is not strong on mobile devices you are missing out.  Don’t let your competition get the best of you.  Our clients have found that by working on their mobile strategies they have improved their revenue.  Contact us to help you maximize your presence.  Our team is experts at getting brands more visibility.



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