Master Your Email Marketing Strategies

Master Your Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing influences 59% of customers’ purchase decisions.  This is why email marketing is essential for your brand.  However, the strategies must be executed efficiently to gain the benefits.  How effective is your email marketing?  If you are not getting conversions, then it is time to evaluate your emails.

Subject Line

Email Marketing begins with a killer subject line.  The subject line is what entices someone to click and read the contents, delete it, or mark it as spam.  The subject line needs to be short, 40 characters or less.

The Content

Long paragraphs and a ton of content in the email will not get read.  You want to keep the paragraphs short and concise.  Also, keep in mind most people check emails from their phones.

When writing the content keep in mind who you are writing for.  What do they want or need?  How are you helping solve their pain point?  The copy needs to put the customer at the forefront.

Don’t Forget the Call To Action

CTAs lead the customer to what you want them to do next.  An email needs to have a specific direction for them to take.  The point of email marketing is to get a response from the reader.

A CTA button is a simple way to draw attention to the next step.  You will want to use action-oriented verbiage things like, “get the discount”, “reserve your spot, “learn more”, “contact sales”, “today only” and “shop now”.  Keep the button above the fold so that it is not missed.

Creating urgency in the CTA will help move readers, it uses the FOMO concept and can get the conversion.

Time of Day

Should you send your emails first thing in the morning, weekday, weekend?  The timing is very important and will affect your open rate.  Part of understanding when to send the is to understand who you are targeting.  If you are targeting business owners, then weekends are not a good choice, they are not going to open them.  Some brands find that Monday morning is so busy for people and sorting email that there are fewer clicks.  You will find a sweet spot for your brand, but it may take some trial and error.

Read Your Metrics

Metrics will give you direction when it comes to your email marketing.  The metrics that are most important are:

  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Conversion rate

By monitoring these insights, you will see patterns in what your subscribers like and dislike.  Then you can cater the subject lines and content to fit their preferences.

Testing Until You Find Your Sweet Spot

Email marketing is about testing until you find the sweet spot and what works best for your brand.  We help brands all the time update their email marketing strategies.  If you need help finding what will blow away your competition, give us a call today.

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