A Guide to Improving Organic Traffic

A Guide to Improving Organic Traffic

Most people rely on search engines to give them the best sites for answers or for finding the product or service that they are looking for.  In order for your brand to get more customers, you need to focus on your organic traffic.

Details about Organic Traffic

Organic traffic refers to users who visit your website as it appears on the search engine results page.  These are the people who use keywords to find what they want.  For those that are ready to buy wherever the search engine takes them, they will purchase.

If you are thinking this is what I want, then keep reading for tips to improve your organic traffic.

User Experience

The first step that you need to take is to look at your website.  How does it look and perform?  Search engines place importance on user experience.  Does the site load slowly?  Check the speed on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.  If it loads too slowly, then a user will leave no one waits more than a few seconds.  Search engines will notice the time spent on your site and decrease your ranking.

Your website should retain visitors, and the navigation should be easy for a user.

How’s Your Keyword Game?

If you want to get found in searches, it is all about using the best keywords.  Look over your keyword list and see if the ones you have make sense.  As a digital marketing agency, we help brands with their keyword lists and find that words that once make sense made need to be adjusted based on what people are using in their searches.

Start with identifying keywords that generate the most traffic.  Look at what your competitors are using.  The best list will have long-tail and specific keywords.  Once you have the list, then you need to make sure that the keywords are in the content on your site.


Blogging is still a tool that will drive organic traffic to your site.  The blogs must contain keywords and be of value.  Start with creating topics that your potential clients will want to read.  Once you have the topic give them insights and help to not only drive them to your site but to create credibility and a connection.

Don’t keyword stuff your blogs, having a blog with an extreme amount of keywords doesn’t help you rating it actually gives you a lower search engine ranking.  The density of the keyword should be at 2%.

Rework Outdated Content

You may have a tone of content on your site already.  Is the content-generating organic traffic?  Over time, blogs, and other content can lose relevance over time.  If a previous blog has great content you can always update it and get new traffic.  Add the new data and optimize it with your current SEO strategy.  Mention within the blog that it is updated with current information, facts, or trends within the industry.

Link Building

Link building, both internal and external will improve your organic search traffic.  When posting content, you want to make sure to use links that will navigate both within your site and to authority websites.  Links improve your site authority and adds value for your visitors.

Another link-building strategy is to add backlinks to your website by writing guest posts on credible sites.  Sharing your industry knowledge increase your authority and the visibility of your site.

Implement and Improvement Will Come

Remember, organic traffic takes some time.  However, you will see an improvement when you implement several of the strategies shared above.  If you are still not getting the traffic, you would like give us a call and we will help you.

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