Blogging is it outdated? Or Important Content Marketing for Brands!

Blogging is it outdated? Or Important Content Marketing for Brands!

Blogs are part of Content Marketing.  Therefore, brands should still produce fresh content on their sites.

Blogging is a way to have a direct conversation with your audience.  This is especially true when you take advantage of connecting your blog to your social media.  As a brand, your goal is to drive as much engagement as possible.

The look of blogging has changed, however, it is still an important piece of marketing.

Content Marketing Drives Traffic

Blogs drive traffic to your website and will help increase your SEO.  The content must be quality and use the most relevant keywords for your industry.  You want the search engines to crawl and index your content.  When search engines recognize your site as a resource, then they will improve your rankings and move you up the list.

Gain Credibility

Brands that have strong credibility are considered a trusted resource.  Trusted resources see more sales and conversions.  Creating information and sharing it so that you are more than just a service or product to purchase you can help solve pain points and understand their needs. A trust is created between the brand and the customer or potential customer.

Let’s Talk Conversions

Did you know brands that produce blogs get 67% more leads per month?  That is a great increase in leads, which means more chances to improve conversions.  Do you want more leads? Then it is time to create powerful content.

Social Media and Blogs

Social media and blogs drive traffic to your website.  Yes!  They both are an excellent combination.  When you have a great piece of content, it gets clicks and views.  So why wouldn’t you share it on social media?  Sharing blogs that give information, advice, and/or tips will help build brand awareness.

Sharing a high-quality blog on social media also allows for the opportunity for your followers to repost and share with their contacts.  This gets your info seen by a wider audience.

Email Marketing

Blogs give you content for your email marketing campaigns.  You can share your blog with your list.  Give a snippet and then a link for them to read more.  Make sure that you are enticing them to want to click, give some information, and then a call to action to lead them to your blog.

Your blog should have a subscribe form so that you can continue to work on growing your list.  This way, you capture new emails for your marketing efforts.

Make Blogs and Content Marketing Work for You

A strong content marketing involves blogs.  Long-form blogs that contain great information will improve your ranking.  While you do not need to create multiple blogs a week, think about one a week in order to get real traction.  But, writing the blog is not enough you need to make it work for you by connecting it to your emails and social media.

If you are not sure about blogging, SEO, or any other marketing strategies, give us a call.  Our team is experts at helping brands get more leads and conversions through smart marketing campaigns.

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