Improve SEO with Conversation

In this blog post, we are going to tell a story of a company that was, at first, struggling to beat out the competitors in search engine results, and to build a reputation online. It took only one change to turn it all around, relatively quickly… The company was what most would call a start-up. […]

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Applying Atmospheric Marketing

In recent news, there has been a lot of talk about something called ‘atmospheric marketing’ and we thought it was very important to touch on this subject. Once upon a time, this term referred only to the signs, stands, and other promotional materials used in a brick and mortar store. As with everything else in […]

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Mobile Analytics, By Apple

It’s official, the first companies are now being invited to take a peek at Apple’s approach to analytics. The tool was promised many months ago, but was only officially released, to a limited audience, yesterday. That access is granted by invitation only, but the massive tech company did reach out to developers, asking them to […]

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How Behavioral Triggers can Help Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still something that we regularly highlight with this blog. Why? Because, despite claims that it will be outperformed by other marketing channels, even made obsolete, in the near future, we have seen no signs of this. Email marketing remains a very inexpensive and very viable option for ecommerce operations. However, the level […]

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Marketing To Take on the Biggest Competitor

We had a new client, not long ago, fill out a questionnaire, including a question about the closest competitors. In bold was one particular name, which was considered to be the ‘untouchable’ giant. Our client said that the name had to be mentioned, but that there was little hope of capturing much of that company’s […]

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How Do You Find the Time to Be Social for Business?

If you are intimidated by social media, you are not alone. It is not the idea of it, the concept, or even the establishing of accounts that throws most businesses off. Instead, it is the time commitment. Social media does take a lot of time, but it is an essentially free form of marketing, so […]

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The Increased Challenge of Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been seen as an effective form of advertising, a wonderful way to reach out to a company’s niche. With the vast amount of technology available today, it remains an important part of the marketing plan for most businesses, but has transformed into something slightly different.   While companies want to be […]

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The Automated Lead Generation Equation – Why It Should Be Part of Your Process Now

Just one in ten companies succeeds when it comes to sustained, profitable growth. You know that you have to be one of those ten to make it happen for your company, but are you actually in the position to reach your goals? Are you ready to take on the larger, more established companies in your […]

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Rick L., Voice Actor for National Brands