Get the Max from your Mobile Marketing: Make Yourself Approachable

Imagine yourself searching for a product locally. You can see on Google Shopping that it is supposed to be in stock at a store near you, but after several less than stellar past experiences, you decide to give the company a call… only you can’t find the phone number. Let’s face it; one of the greatest parts about mobile search is the ability to use it in the local setting to find what we need without having to pop in and out of the car numerous times. It has the distinct ability to search the web and then place a phone call, without need of a secondary device.

Now, consider your consumer. Imagine that they performed a similar local search and discovered your brand along the way. What if they wanted to call you to inquire about a product, to ask your hours of operation, or to ask some other pertinent question? Would they be able to easily locate your phone number?

Mobile marketing is essential in today’s business world. With the vast majority of buyers constantly armed with a mobile device, it only makes sense that we would, as entrepreneurs, want to tap the market. While some of the approach is very similar, if not exactly like what we would do to properly advertise to PC-based consumers, there are a few things that must be considered when competing for screen time on a mobile device.

Among those differences is the need to make yourself convenient in more ways than one. Today, people want instant gratification. If you couldn’t locate the phone number to the first store that had the product in stock, you would very likely move down the list and call the next. The first business missed a potential sale, simply for being too difficult to contact. Don’t make the same mistake! Not only should your contact information be easily discovered, its highly recommended that you make it clickable. Phone numbers published on mobile sites, or even advertising banners, can be linked to the phone feature, so a person can simply click-to-call. Similarly, you can offer the click-to-text, or click-to-chat option. The latter is particularly effective if you are not locally based, but are offering a technical product or service that might require consumer assistance.

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