Improve SEO with Conversation

In this blog post, we are going to tell a story of a company that was, at first, struggling to beat out the competitors in search engine results, and to build a reputation online. It took only one change to turn it all around, relatively quickly… The company was what most would call a start-up. With fewer than twenty employees, and being based in a rural area, the owners knew that online marketing was going to be essential, but that they weren’t going to have a big budget to work with. One of the owners knew a thing or two about SEO, but given the demands on his time, he couldn’t apply what he had learned effectively, and so the site struggled, the social media accounts were fairly weak, and they weren’t getting the attention that they needed.

He told us that he knew that they wouldn’t be able to maintain numerous social media accounts, and that they lacked the inspiration to create meaningful content every week. Furthermore, they couldn’t financially support hiring someone to do it all for them.

Here was a company that had a good product line – aimed at pet owners – and a strong company motto. If the consumers could find them, it was clear that they would be well received. After much consideration, and many suggestions of possible avenues they could take to grow their online presence, the owners decided to focus their efforts on one social channel, and to make the most of it. The employees were encouraged to play along as well. In order to grow their audience on that particular networking site, they devoted one hour per week to hosting a question and answer session for pet owners who were struggling with common behavioral problems. They had initiated a conversation, and there was a large number of people willing to take part.

With the employees on board, and the available time being allotted to that one channel, the followership quickly grew and the Q&A session became a hit. With links being shared so willingly, their SEO standings started to improve. Better yet, as the business grew, the company had a bigger budget to dedicate to online marketing, and they discovered that they could use the material created with those sessions to manufacture written content for the company blog. Inserting the carefully selected keywords meant another boost to SEO. Slowly but surely, other doors were opened, and they began to thrive on several networking sites, as well as in the search engine rankings.

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