Applying Atmospheric Marketing

In recent news, there has been a lot of talk about something called ‘atmospheric marketing’ and we thought it was very important to touch on this subject. Once upon a time, this term referred only to the signs, stands, and other promotional materials used in a brick and mortar store. As with everything else in Del Mar Online Marketing, technology changed that definition. In a recent piece by VentureBeat, on the topic of Atmospheric Marketing, it was reported that the attention span of the typical consumer is less than that of a goldfish. Thus, a new atmospheric marketing age is born – a time when a company must accept that Del Mar Online Marketing is not just a way to grow a customer base, but an essential component of establishing one. Del Mar Online Marketing is not a choice today, it is a necessity, and it is not enough to react to the customers’ comments. A company must predict the desires of the niche and provide the solution, in order to stay on top.

As a company operating in the modern markets, it is essential to continue moving forward. While it was once relatively easy to make a jump, even months or years after other companies had shifted to new technology, that is not the case today. If you leave the ever-moving tech current today, you are more than likely going to be pulled under. Customers, employees, and the many other interactions you will have within your business, will expect you to be up-to-date in your practices, and ready to embrace the coming advancements.

That willingness to grow with the times has certainly been at the forefront of marketers minds in recent years. If you are over the age of thirty, then you likely recall the massive success of the original tech start-ups. They certainly enjoyed the surge in popularity, but the market was very quickly swamped. Now, companies from nearly every industry can be found online, competing for exposure.

The goldfish might have a limited attention span, but place something they desire (i.e. food) in front of them, and you will have earned their interest. Today that ‘fish food’, that atmospheric marketing, doesn’t take the form of a cardboard display; it’s imagery, witty writing, conversation, video, and flashing internet ad banners.

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