How Behavioral Triggers can Help Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still something that we regularly highlight with this blog. Why? Because, despite claims that it will be outperformed by other marketing channels, even made obsolete, in the near future, we have seen no signs of this. Email marketing remains a very inexpensive and very viable option for ecommerce operations. However, the level of effectiveness really depends on how much effort the marketing teams are putting into it. Learning the consumer and approaching him or her on a somewhat personalized level is very important and can make a big impact on ROI. Essentially, behavioral marketing technology is designed to provide the marketer an insight into what customers are doing while on the web. The activities performed by these consumers is tracked and fed into the data pool, where it can be harvested and utilized for creating the best, most enticing marketing emails. Despite the fact that this type of insight has proven largely beneficial for companies for quite some time now, as few as twenty percent of marketers employ it, and a large percentage of those that do, use a very limited field of triggers.

The majority of those that attempt behavioral marketing technology will initially look at customer subscriptions and website visits, but we have found that the more meaningful data can be found elsewhere. Abandoned baskets and content engagement, for instance, point to exactly what a customer values. The best part about behavioral based email marketing is that it doesn’t have to be budget busting. It is very affordable, very informative, and has demonstrated a great ROI for B2C and B2B companies.

That being said, it is important to ascertain that you are utilizing the best possible approach. Behavioral marketing isn’t automatically successful. It does require you to have an efficient visitor identification system in place. So, it is certainly worth speaking to the marketing professionals about the best practices, in order to achieve the greatest possible engagement.

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