How Do You Find the Time to Be Social for Business?

If you are intimidated by social media, you are not alone. It is not the idea of it, the concept, or even the establishing of accounts that throws most businesses off. Instead, it is the time commitment. Social media does take a lot of time, but it is an essentially free form of marketing, so you pay for it with time rather than money. If you want to make the most of it, use these tips to make more time.  

Put it on the Schedule Don’t plan on doing it in the ‘free moments’ of the day, because it won’t happen. Even in the best case scenarios, the posting is infrequent and less meaningful when handled in this manner. Instead, put social media management on the calendar. Block out a time each and every day that is going to be dedicated to this exact purpose. In doing so, you are holding yourself accountable.


Don’t Aim for Expert Status Initially, the goal should not be to become a social media expert. Rather you should simply aim to post information that is meaningful to your niche market, and you should attempt to converse with a few people each week. As you become more comfortable with it, you will be able to accomplish more in the same amount of time, but, for now, start simply.


Taken Advantage of Tools and Services If your time is simply too valuable, then make use of tools or services that make growing your social standing easier. There are many that make it easier to discover news and blogs related to your industry, others that allow you to create a bunch of posts in advance and to schedule their appearance. Media marketing services will even handle the entire ordeal for you.


The best piece of advice that we can offer to help you get social for business purposes is simply to enjoy it. Find the fun in social media by searching for- and posting on topics that interest you, and by communication with people who have shared interests. When you discover that social media doesn’t have to be seen as a job, but rather as a new form of entertainment, you won’t find it so difficult to block out time to manage it.

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