The Increased Challenge of Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been seen as an effective form of advertising, a wonderful way to reach out to a company’s niche. With the vast amount of technology available today, it remains an important part of the marketing plan for most businesses, but has transformed into something slightly different.  

While companies want to be able to reach out to customers, the people on the receiving end aren’t always pleased to have inboxes full of marketing ploys. Therefore, email servers have worked to please their end users, creating separate tabs – one for correspondence and another for promotions. Guess which tab these people look at most often. It’s not the promotions tab. Therefore, your job as a marketer is made even more challenging.


To make matters worse, there are spam filters always ready to nab your message and toss it into the junk bin if you use the wrong lingo, make the headline too wordy, or otherwise press the boundaries of acceptable promoting. Additionally, there are constant streams of information clogging the borders of the inbox – at the top, bottom and, often, on both sides. Your potential customer is inundated with information, and, somehow, you are expected to stand out in that sea of confusion. You must entice them enough with a headline to get them to open the message, and then create such a engaging body to that email that they can’t resist clicking through to your website.

Here are a few quick tips to help you accomplish these daunting tasks:

  1. Be Honest About You: Don’t try to hide your intent. The recipient won’t be fooled, and will only be annoyed or disappointed if led to believe the email is something that it isn’t.
  2. Don’t Get Too Creative With the Subject Line: You have a maximum of 50 characters (even fewer on mobile devices) to get your point across. Any longer than that and you are likely to get sent to the junk folder by spam filters. So, keep it short, simple and to the point.
  3. Take Advantage of PreHeaders: This little teaser will likely be seen before the message is even opened, so use it to entice the reader to open the message. This allows you to be more creative than the short subject line.

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